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Pictures of wildlife we seen on our travels.

Biscayne Bay to Charleston Harbor

Bye-bye Marathon until the next time.

What a view!

The “new” overseas hwy bridge on the left and the “old” Flagler railroad bridge on the right. This is the famous 7 mile bridge in the Keys. It spans 7 miles of water to get to the next key.

Some day, maybe.

I would love to try parasailing sometime. It just looks like fun.

Our friends on Southern Star passing us on the way to Tarpon Basin.

After leaving Southern Star at Tarpon basin, Monday morning , we headed for Biscayne Bay to meet our friends on Waves of Grace. We spent a couple of hours catching up with Pat and Walt before we left our them anchored securely and heading to bed. We, on the other hand, pulled anchor and headed out to the wide blue ocean at midnight for the long run north hoping to use the gulf stream as a boost and boy did we get a boost, most of the time over 9 kts of ground speed.

Sunset off Florida on Tuesday, March 28th.
Sunrise on Wednesday morning.
Dolphins swimming in our bow wave.

A pod of dolphins played in our bow wake for 15 minutes. One of the older ones kept turning on its side and looking up at me as I was looking down at it…I wonder what it was thinking?

Car carrier from Tokyo.

We passed many ships throughout the next 2 days. At Savanna we counted 8 ships waiting for permission to enter the channel.

Side view of car carrier

This baby dolphin kept jumping by our boat.

Huge ship on the ocean.
A passenger

We were about 20 miles out when 2 birds landed on the boat.

2nd little stowaway

The last 6 hours of our trip was rough!! From about 2 pm until we got into Charleston Harbor we bashed into wind and waves. After 3 days on the ocean we had covered about 440 NM which is most of our way back to NC.


Manatee Pockets

We got the bicycles out this morning and headed to our favorite bakery cafe, Importico’s.

We split a piece of quiche for lunch and followed with desert.

I took this picture of a Roseate Spoonbill with my camera and it didn’t do the bird justice.

Wildlife along the way.
A roseate spoonbill.
A much better photo from Birds and Gators website.

A much better photo from Birds and Gators website.I really like the pink color of these birds.

After riding 8 miles, from the library to the Salvation Army on HWY 1 and back, we were tired. The sun was setting as we rode in the dinghy back to the Goose.

The sunset over Manatee Pockets tonight.

Super moon – leaving Savannah

The next morning when I looked out at the little light house the rock wall around it was gone! Amazing what an 8 foot tide will hide.

Near high tide… what a difference from last night.

The light in the sky is a super moon! Another picture below.

Beautiful moon

On the way out of the Savannah River we were passed by several ships and this one had an energetic dolphin doing leaps in it’s bow wave.

An unusual escort leaving Savannah…

This container ship arrived last night when we arrived and now we are leaving together. They must have worked fast last night to unload it.

We’ve seen this ship before…

We spent 18 hours traveling south on the ocean and pulled into the Ponce de Leon inlet just at the full force of the outgoing tide, with the waves crashing onto the outer break wall.

Waves crashing against the jetty.
Full tide going out. That buoy must weigh a ton yet the tide tipped it over like a toy.

Now, it’s on to the Indian river down to Vero Beach. The sunshine sure feels nice!

Back on the ICW

Pelicans on sandbar.
Pelicans having sunday service on sandbar. The preacher is the one on the right.

We decided to stay inside today, as the wind and waves were expected to be the same as yesterday. So we traveled the ICW to just before Charleston. As we motored along through on a falling tide, sandbars became exposed and the pelicans began to congregate on them, they look like they were gathering for church.

Shore side Christmas tree.
Shore side Christmas tree.

We thought the Christmas tree in the gazebo by the canal was a nice touch for the holidays.

ICW shoreline
ICW shoreline

The shore of the ICW along here is either miles of swamp grass broken now and then with hammocks of trees

Mansions on the Isle of Palms
Mansions on the Isle of Palms

or small islands filled with million dollar homes and docks. I think I prefer the endless miles of grass, birds and dolphins.