Music in Marathon

Rich and I have been out to various venues to listen to music, more this year than ever. It started at Havana Jacks where the restaurant/bar was celebrating Mardi Gras. We listened to Island Time a steel drum band.

Island Time

Next we visited Hurricane’s on pizza and beer night with our friends on Rainbow’s End and Southern Star. The featured band was Fiddle Rock, Steve and Randy. They played a high energy 70’s rock with a large dose of wild fiddle playing tossed in. It sounds like a strange combination but it was GREAT! In Fact, so good that…

Fiddle Rock Band

we went to see them again on Wednesday afternoon at the Alehouse. Dinner there was buy one get one free and there was a happy hour for beer. The music at the Ale House was a bit more subdued (at restaurant/bar instead of a bar/restaurant) which, in my mind, made the music even better. Less loud and therefore more enjoyable.

Steve from Fiddle Rock

The band matched the different atmosphere at the Alehouse, low key with less hard rock. It was interesting to experience both venues.

The group at the Alehouse

Next up is Burdines for the music of Joe Mamma and then Cory & Ty… it should be great, can’t wait

Key West Gallery Crawl

As many times as we have been to Key West , we’ve haven’t visited all of the art galleries. The first reason is we didn’t know where all the galleries were and secondly by the time we finished on Duvall, we were too tired. This time we decided we would try to visit every single gallery. We picked up a little book called the “Key West Art guide”. We brought our bikes ashore at 8:30 Tuesday morning and started. Here are some of the highlights of the day.

Alan Maltz Gallery

Alan’s photography is amazing. We would love to purchase one of his pictures on curved glass, but for now I have to be satisfied with a card of this beautiful sunset.

Beautiful, love the colors.

For more information on Alan, check out his website, or search on facebook or messager @alan.s.maltz.

Another gallery we admired was the Wild Side Gallery.

Wild Side Gallery

The gallery includes works from caught about 40 artists, but two caught our eye. Miss Match, who makes one of kind earring sets. The artist, Jean Hammond is about 80 years old and has worked with the gallery for as long as they have been open.

An example of mismatched earrings

The other artist was Tom Edwards who makes Wallyware. The cartoons on Wallyware are highly amusing. Here’s a couple of samples.

What a hoot for a party!
Social commentary?

There many plates, cups, and bowls filled witticisms. We chuckled over many of them.

Key West

Last Friday, we sailed down Charlotte Bay and turned south for Key West. The weather forecast called for a great sail but it was wrong again! The first night the winds built and came around on the nose. The waves felt like we were in a washing machine instead of a 40 foot sailboat. After 30 long hours we made it to Key West and found these in the anchorage. Shipwreck art.

Scary looking crab.

Near our anchorage several boats were blown ashore during the last year. Some enterprising artist decided to make lemonade out of these lemons.

Another crab

The next day we walked around Key West for the afternoon, looking at galleries, shops and ate lunch at El Siboney with our friend. El Siboney is a Cuban restaurant that has great food!

El Siboney Restaurant

They make great Cuban pork and their barbecue chicken is fall off the bone tender.

Having fun

Key West is a great place to walk around, it’s filled with interesting people and (as you can see) interesting trees too.

Just another day in paradise.