New Year’s Day

As most of my family knows, I am all about traditions on New Year’s Day. One tradition we follow is having black eyed peas and pork for our meal; as it brings good luck for the coming year. I researched origins of this tradition and after reading several accounts I settled on this one.

History of New Year’s Day food traditions

This year I wanted something a little different, so I made a salad featuring black-eyed peas. It turned out to be very flavorful and delicious!

New Year's Day dinner

The salad was even better the second day, as all of the flavors had soaked in.

New Year’s Eve 2017

Since we are wintering over in Oriental, we decided to watch the “Dragon Run” to bring in the “Year of the Dog”. I am sorry to say that we didn’t go out to see the “Croaker” drop. (Instead of the “Ball drop” they do a “Croaker” drop to celebrate the New Year.)

Drummers providing the beat.
Drummers providing the beat.

These drummers provided the background beat for everyone who brought pots and pans as noise makers. According to Chinese legends the dragon comes to the village in mid-winter to eat the children but loud noise can scare him off; so lots of people brought pots and noise makers to scare the dragon off.

Touching the dragon.
Luck in the new year?

The Oriental tradition of touching the Dragon brings luck in the new year.

Dragon Mask
Dragon Mask
Dragon Hat
Dragon Hat
Dragon Kite
Dragon Kite

Some of crowd came dragon prepared.

The Young Dragon
The Young Dragon

Lo and behold there was a second dragon last night. This one looked like a young dragon that snaked thru the crowd looking for young children to eat.

Whole young dragon.
Whole young dragon.

He was moving around so quickly; it was hard to take a good picture.

The Croaker ready to fall
The Croaker ready to fall

At midnight the Croaker will drop as Oriental ushers in the new year.

Early New Year's Kiss
Early New Year’s Kiss

Of course, no sight-seeing trip is complete without a selfie. It was a cold night but full of laughter and good wishes by all.

Vegetables, vegetables

On the boat, we always eat more vegetables than we do at the lake house. This year is no exception, in fact we are eating many more. I have been trying new recipes.

Seaweed wrap and dipping sauce.

This dish is a Nori seaweed wrap filled with chicken, spinach and avocado. We dipped it in a cilantro pesto. Surprising enough, it was quite tasty.

My next dish caught Rich off guard.

Interesting looking cabbage steak.
Looks interesting.

The cabbage steak seemed like a silly idea.

Cabbage steak with saute
This looks much better.

The final dish was cabbage steak with kale and red onion saute. The saute was excellent, but the steak needed to be cooked a little longer.

Just another day in paradise.