One thing after another!

Some years when we start on our trip south we have “issues” with our boat… sometimes large and sometimes small. This year was no exception, the issues were more of the medium to large range this year rather than being smaller. This season started off with Rich having to clean off the prop in 48 degree water! He was NOT a happy camper.

Rich in wet suit.
All dressed up with somewhere to go. Brrrrrrrr!

He has on vest with hood, a shorty and his full body suit hoping to stay warm or least not freeze to death. The only thing he is missing are diving gloves.

Rich after diving.
Looks like alien, doesn’t he?

At least he had the hookah, making it easier to get the job done.

The next “issue” was the autopilot wouldn’t hold a course in rough conditions. Good thing we weren’t in ocean doing overnight sailing.

Then our heater started working only when it wanted to. It was a very good thing that Rich brought the  new electric blanket with us so that even without the heater we were able to pre-warm the bed at night before getting into it.

Oh and of course the hot water heater (that had stopped working last summer). So when we arrived at Deaton’s, the first thing we did was order a new water heater.

Lifting the water heater out the engine compartment.
Lifting the water heater out the engine compartment.

The water heater was heavy and in a spot where it just fit in the engine compartment making it difficult to remove.

New Hot Water Heater
The new hot water heater installed.

The new hot water heater was a different size than the old one (of course) so Rich had to weld up a new frame to set the new heater on. The new heater was much lighter and smaller to handle so it went in far easier than the old on came out. I am glad to report that it works great. The energy requirement is less and the engine water heater loop is far more efficient than the old one so the water heats up much faster when we are motoring.

On the Water Again

We returned to the Goose last Thursday; boy is it cold! Rich’s first job was to clean the fouled prop. The water was about 48 degrees and the captain was not happy to go swimming.

Rich in his wet suit with the new hookah.
Rich in his wet suit with the new hookah.

Dressed for the challenge, Rich heads to the water. He really could use some diving gloves. He was happy to report that the hookah worked great.

Hard at work cleaning the prop.
Hard at work cleaning the prop.

After only one day of sailing the starter failed to work and Rich had to replace it with our spare. We also discovered that the heater system won’t stay running; it has to be restarted almost every time. Oh well, it’s a boat and something has to be broken or life just wouldn’t be right.


First Stop, Washington DC

Heading in to the dock we found that the Washington Harbor has changed a lot. Where there use to be anchoring there are moorings, the old docks are gone for the Capital City Yacht Club and the Gangplanks Marina and instead there are new docks and a limited mooring field . We had to anchor east of the police dock which was quite a ways from the dinghy dock at Gangplanks Marina.

Taking the dinghy to dock.
Off to see the Wizard! Aren’t they cute.
Jackson on his I PAD.
Sneaking in some electronic time.

Rich and Jackson went to the Aerospace Museum, while the girls and I went to Crystal City Mall for some “girl time”.

Jackson at the Aerospace Museum
Words to live by when going into space

On Saturday, we spent the afternoon at the Giant National BBQ Challenge. There was lots of food and free give-away food, as well several stages with bands but, Oh, it was hot!!

Sitting by the fountain.
Cooling off on a hot day.

We walked over to National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden and joined the crowds sitting on the edge of the pool. The garden was full of people for the Friday night “Jazz in the Garden” concert.

A night’s walk thru D.C.

DC in the dark
Visiting the WW II Memorial
Grandpa and Jackson at the Lincoln Memorial.
Lincoln Memorial at night.
Jackson and the monuments
Jackson in the food line at the Roosevelt memorial.

We spent several days in Washington before we headed out for Annapolis. It was a nice stay; I want to go back there and stay for 2 weeks to be able to really see the city.

Just another day in paradise.