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Snow Goose anchored in Double Creek cove
Snow Goose anchored in Double Creek cove

Snow Goose is a shallow draft (center board), double head sail ketch, that was built (of steel) in the Netherlands in 1956 at the KOK shipyards. I have been told that she was sailed around the world in the late 50’s to early 60’s and then was brought to the Chesapeake area. In the early 70’s she was brought into the Great Lakes and by the end of the 70’s she had rusted through. Two guys bought her and replaced a lot of the bottom steel plates. Later, another man bought her and did some large upgrades to her. I bought the Snow Goose, fourteen years ago and after a few years of sailing, I took her to my home for a seven year long rebuild. Now she is our floating home.

The Snow Goose is Length- 41 feet on deck, 46 feet over all * Width—12.5 Feet * Depth- 4.5 feet (board up) 10 feet (board down) * 36 foot water line * Displacement-15 ton * Mast height 55 foot above water * Sail area (about 900 sq. ft.) *Steel hull with a laid teak deck.





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