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Music at Burdines

Friday night we visited Burdines waterfront restaurant to have dinner and listen to Joe Mama. We tagged along with our friends from sailing vessel Maggie M.

Joe Mama

We went to see Joe Mama (he’s the one on the right); he plays old time Gospel and soul… and he’s very good.

Home-made Bass

His base player didn’t bring his base with him to the keys, so he went to Home Depot, bought some wood and built one!

All the musicians playing with Joe

Another Wednesday night at Burdines, we watched Ty and Cory.

Cory Young

Cory is an up and coming musician and he’s very good.

Ty and Cory at Burdines

They will splitting soon, with Cory going on a tour and Ty going solo here. They will be missed as a group. We’re hoping they are both successful in their endeavors.

The Art Studio

Along with my pine needle basket weaving, I have started going to The Art Studio in Marathon. For my first project I made ceramic cabochons to use as centers for my baskets.

Ceramic cabochons before firing.

Getting the prints into the clay was harder than I looked.

Close view of cabochon

It took me five tries to get the print into the clay this defined.

Music in Marathon

Rich and I have been out to various venues to listen to music, more this year than ever. It started at Havana Jacks where the restaurant/bar was celebrating Mardi Gras. We listened to Island Time a steel drum band.

Island Time

Next we visited Hurricane’s on pizza and beer night with our friends on Rainbow’s End and Southern Star. The featured band was Fiddle Rock, Steve and Randy. They played a high energy 70’s rock with a large dose of wild fiddle playing tossed in. It sounds like a strange combination but it was GREAT! In Fact, so good that…

Fiddle Rock Band

we went to see them again on Wednesday afternoon at the Alehouse. Dinner there was buy one get one free and there was a happy hour for beer. The music at the Ale House was a bit more subdued (at restaurant/bar instead of a bar/restaurant) which, in my mind, made the music even better. Less loud and therefore more enjoyable.

Steve from Fiddle Rock

The band matched the different atmosphere at the Alehouse, low key with less hard rock. It was interesting to experience both venues.

The group at the Alehouse

Next up is Burdines for the music of Joe Mamma and then Cory & Ty… it should be great, can’t wait