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The Demise of the Snow Goose

As some of you know, we keep Snow Goose in Oriental, North Carolina during the off season. She has been through a couple of hurricanes with no problems, but Hurricane Florence was different. A broken dock from across the creek floated into a boat knocking it over creating a domino effect which swept Snow Goose off her supports. She ended up on the ground leaning against another boat. After pounding against the ground and the other boats, Snow Goose was damaged beyond her insured value.

snowgoose on groundSo sad, Snow Goose on the ground.

Snow Goose leaning on another boat.

Leaning against another boat…. so much of the boat was damaged.

Snow Goose Rudder
Some of the damage, scraped through to wood.

As you can see, the rudder was damaged at the top and on the edge. There were scrapes all over the hull, the mast was compromised, and one of the bulkheads was moved a 1/4 inch.

More pictures are on the Captain’s Blog.


New Year’s Day

As most of my family knows, I am all about traditions on New Year’s Day. One tradition we follow is having black eyed peas and pork for our meal; as it brings good luck for the coming year. I researched origins of this tradition and after reading several accounts I settled on this one.

History of New Year’s Day food traditions

This year I wanted something a little different, so I made a salad featuring black-eyed peas. It turned out to be very flavorful and delicious!

New Year's Day dinner

The salad was even better the second day, as all of the flavors had soaked in.

Vegetables, vegetables

On the boat, we always eat more vegetables than we do at the lake house. This year is no exception, in fact we are eating many more. I have been trying new recipes.

Seaweed wrap and dipping sauce.

This dish is a Nori seaweed wrap filled with chicken, spinach and avocado. We dipped it in a cilantro pesto. Surprising enough, it was quite tasty.

My next dish caught Rich off guard.

Interesting looking cabbage steak.
Looks interesting.

The cabbage steak seemed like a silly idea.

Cabbage steak with saute
This looks much better.

The final dish was cabbage steak with kale and red onion saute. The saute was excellent, but the steak needed to be cooked a little longer.