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New Year’s Eve 2017

Since we are wintering over in Oriental, we decided to watch the “Dragon Run” to bring in the “Year of the Dog”. I am sorry to say that we didn’t go out to see the “Croaker” drop. (Instead of the “Ball drop” they do a “Croaker” drop to celebrate the New Year.)

Drummers providing the beat.
Drummers providing the beat.

These drummers provided the background beat for everyone who brought pots and pans as noise makers. According to Chinese legends the dragon comes to the village in mid-winter to eat the children but loud noise can scare him off; so lots of people brought pots and noise makers to scare the dragon off.

Touching the dragon.
Luck in the new year?

The Oriental tradition of touching the Dragon brings luck in the new year.

Dragon Mask
Dragon Mask
Dragon Hat
Dragon Hat
Dragon Kite
Dragon Kite

Some of crowd came dragon prepared.

The Young Dragon
The Young Dragon

Lo and behold there was a second dragon last night. This one looked like a young dragon that snaked thru the crowd looking for young children to eat.

Whole young dragon.
Whole young dragon.

He was moving around so quickly; it was hard to take a good picture.

The Croaker ready to fall
The Croaker ready to fall

At midnight the Croaker will drop as Oriental ushers in the new year.

Early New Year's Kiss
Early New Year’s Kiss

Of course, no sight-seeing trip is complete without a selfie. It was a cold night but full of laughter and good wishes by all.

First Stop, Washington DC

Heading in to the dock we found that the Washington Harbor has changed a lot. Where there use to be anchoring there are moorings, the old docks are gone for the Capital City Yacht Club and the Gangplanks Marina and instead there are new docks and a limited mooring field . We had to anchor east of the police dock which was quite a ways from the dinghy dock at Gangplanks Marina.

Taking the dinghy to dock.
Off to see the Wizard! Aren’t they cute.
Jackson on his I PAD.
Sneaking in some electronic time.

Rich and Jackson went to the Aerospace Museum, while the girls and I went to Crystal City Mall for some “girl time”.

Jackson at the Aerospace Museum
Words to live by when going into space

On Saturday, we spent the afternoon at the Giant National BBQ Challenge. There was lots of food and free give-away food, as well several stages with bands but, Oh, it was hot!!

Sitting by the fountain.
Cooling off on a hot day.

We walked over to National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden and joined the crowds sitting on the edge of the pool. The garden was full of people for the Friday night “Jazz in the Garden” concert.

A night’s walk thru D.C.

DC in the dark
Visiting the WW II Memorial
Grandpa and Jackson at the Lincoln Memorial.
Lincoln Memorial at night.
Jackson and the monuments
Jackson in the food line at the Roosevelt memorial.

We spent several days in Washington before we headed out for Annapolis. It was a nice stay; I want to go back there and stay for 2 weeks to be able to really see the city.