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March 2014

March 28, 2014


March 27, 2014

We passed this

This boat anchored

March 26, 2014

Sunset the second day of rock and roll. I think the worst is past.

March 25, 2014

Today was a long day of rolling

March 24, 2014

Thunderball Grotto

The "Thunderball Grotto" got it's name from the James Bond movie "Thunderball". This cave was used in the movie as the entrance to the bad guy's headquarters. There is a large cave in the middle of this island that has 4 entrances to it so you can swim completely under the island. The center of the roof has fallen in in several places to become "skylights" to let sunlight into the cave... It's really cool to see and to snorkel thru. We dinghied over to the grotto and everyone was excited.

Inside the grotto you could see the walls were colored with growth and the water filled with light as the skylight let the sunshine into the cave.

The sunshine coming down into the water brought forth vibrant color throughout the cave.

A look at the ceiling of the grotto and the many holes in the roof.

One of the entrances into the cave

Our friend Walt .

Pat and Walt holding to a ledge in the grotto. (Anna transformed their picture into a "pencil drawing" using a program on the computer).

Outside the grotto there is a small coral garden.  Here's an excellent specimen of brain coral.

Isn't this little fish cute, I loved the aqua color on his back.

Interesting fish, we've never seen one before. The picture doesn't do the fish justice for it had lines on it's side that would hide it within the coral.

Beautiful purple fan.

These were waving back and forth in the current.

There were hundreds of these swimming around the grotto. The resort feeds them when they take guests out to the grotto so they come out by the hundreds looking for a handout.

On the ride back the boats we saw this stingray.

He's about 3 feet across and we shut the engine off and drifted over him to get the picture.

March 23, 2014

Bahamian Navy anchored in the Big Majors Anchorage. They announced their presence over the VHF.

Rainbow Connection a beautiful 34 ft boat with the distinction of having the most forward sails that I've ever seen on a small boat.... most unusual!

Rich feeding our bag of goodies to the pigs.

They drink water from a bottle. If we had known, we would have brought some.

The pigs are in a hurry, so they will often try to get into the dinghy in the water if you're not careful.

There were many young piglets running around the beach. This guy was popular, I wonder what he brought for a treat.

A face only a mother could love. 

Rich found these blow holes. Every time a wave came in, the surge of water thru the cave under the rocks would push the water out and into the air.

Not much to see on the beach, so we snorkeled the little bay area. We found these black sea urchins.


There was a small coral patch with fish


I don't know the fish species, so I guess I need to buy a book on reef fish.


Brain Coral                                                                                 Sea Urchin

Afterwards we went back to our boats to pack up dinner and head for Pirate Beach. Bonfire time.

The cruisers have done a good job fixing up the beach.

The Three Musketeers. Snow Goose, Waves of Grace and Our Desire.

Another beautiful sunset in paradise.

Rich stoking the fire.

Walt and Rich, our very own pyrotechnics watching the fire.

March 22, 2014

Galliot to Black Point

This is one of several nice homes that we passed as we motored through Farmers Cay cut.

Another home with a beautiful view overlooking Farmers Cay.

Farmer's Cut going into Exuma Sound

This is the main harbor and road on Little Farmer's Cay. It's a very small settlement.

Oven Rock; from a distance this little cave looks like it has an oven in the side of the rock.

Osprey nest on top of Oven Rock.

It appears that these little ones have been abandoned. I saw nothing of the mother bird when we were in the area.

Sailing next to Waves of Grace to Blackpoint Settlement

Picking up coconut bread from Lorraine's mom. It is delicious.

March 21, 2014

This Schooner was coming in Elizabeth Harbor as we were leaving. She was a beautiful sight.

Going out Conch Cut was a bit rough with the wind hard on the nose.

We passed this boat as we sailed to Galliot cut

Going into Galliot Cut was interesting.

Waves rolling in at Galliot cut. the tide was going out and the waves were coming in so it was an exciting ride into the cut!

Cowboy Rich.

We were told by a Bahamian that he ate these when he was a boy.

We found these sea urchins in the water... DON'T TOUCH! 

March 20, 2014

Our friend Ralph left for home today. :(  Back to the frozen north. Meanwhile we had to prepare to head north ourselves. Rich filled the water tanks and then we went grocery shopping. Afterwards we met our buddy boats for an evening of fun and food.


Peace and Plenty

Announcement board

The band.

March 18, 2014

Rich and Ralph went into Georgetown to find internet service and  sight see.

Bet you can't buy one of these in the states.

It sure is small.

Deb, Pat, Walt and I walked the ridge while Ralph and Rich snorkeled ocean side.

Lush growth

There were several tidal pools along the Atlantic coast.

This is poisonwood, the Bahamas equivalent of poison ivy.

Beautiful shell, too bad it had a resident.

Sitting on the bench with my new friend.

Kind of scary; reminds me of a Tim Burton character.

I think the bear was sad to see us leave. 

March 17, 2014

Back to George Town

Leaving Conception Cay as the sun comes up.

We had a great sail until the 30 kts storm front over took us for awhile, afterwards, I  steered the Goose in Conch Cut...

Only to find this BIG boat stuck across the channel. They went straight when they should have turned. They were stuck for on entire day before they wiggled loose. 

March 16, 2014

Conception island 

Rich and Ralph walked over to the beach on the north side of Conception Cay.

Captain Rich relaxes in just one of the many chairs that had floated up onto the beach.

Natural arch


Beautiful flowers....

and trash on the beach...


More trash.....                                                            and more trash made into beach art

Ralph sand hill climbing

Nice selfie, Captain.


This is very interesting, Rich believes that this is a petrography from about 500 years ago when the Lucayan Indians lived on the island before Columbus landed. Or, it could be made by a cruiser who had nothing better to do. I've read that these islands do have petrography but most are in caves. The red color is a type of natural algae or lichen that is on some of the rocks down here.

March 15, 2014

Heading to Conception cay

In the morning we were getting ready to leave Rum Cay when our friend "Biggy" showed up.

Rich and Biggie saying good-bye. Biggy was the local entrepreneur and had his hand into almost everything going on Rum Cay. Quick to laugh and tell stories, it was a real pleasure to meet up with him.

After about 3 hours we came to the southern end of Conception Cay and saw Wedge Rock.

We took the dinghy up into the center of the island thru the shallow creeks and tidal flats that are inside of Conception Island. The tidal flats look like melting snow piles, but it is sand.

Snow Goose anchored just off the entrance to the estuary.

March 14, 2014

Another day at Rum Cay

The supply boat arrived at the government dock.

It was really loaded. Pallets of cement blocks, cement, sand, building supplies, water, food, anything that an island needs... Not all of this is for here the boat makes many stops before going back to Nassau.

Rich and Ralph walked about 3 miles to the new airport and found one good, new plane and two wrecks.

We climbed on an old Beech twin tail that was sitting there. It was from the early 1950's and had been stripped.

Ralph out on the wing.

The only decent plane at the airport and what a beauty it was!

Ralph and Eric... isn't Eric the typical "surfer dude"?

Doesn't look too threatening, just a small fin in the water...

Here's a better look at the 6 foot lemon shark swimming under the dock waiting for fish to be cleaned and a free meal. 

March 13, 2014

More of Rum Cay

We decided to walk around Port Nelson for the day. Rum Cay has a population of 80. There were paved roads, but very few houses.

The government dock.

St. Christopher's Anglican Episcopal Church.


We were told this building  was an unfinished hurricane shelter. They are waiting for money to finish construction.

Goats wandering around the island.

The local school where there are 14 students and 2 teachers.    

I loved this sign... you are expecting a good road and you get this...Not a nice as the Queen's HWY.

Lunch at Kaye's.

Anna and Delores, (the owner of Kaye's) and one of the local police officers.

Look at all the floats, they have found on the beach.

March 12, 2014

Rum Cay

Approaching Rum Cay after a five hour run from Clarence Town. We were heading for Summer Point Marina. The marina is closed, but we had been told that we could stay at the dock for free if we could make it in.

The first thing Rich did was put a line out at the dock. He caught a remora which we promptly threw back.

This is one of the nurse sharks swimming around the dock.

These cottages were part of the Summer Point Resort which is closed and a bit run down. At one time this was a nice marina/resort but now it's on the way out.


We walked around the resort/marina; there were several  carvings around the property that been carved by Bobby Little the owner of the resort.


A beautiful sunset just before the "rescue at sea"...

After the picture of the sunset we heard a cry for help! It was a girl swimming in from the reef. Rich and Eric to the rescue. Her and her boy friend swamped their boat out on the reef and were trying to push it in to the beach. I went and towed them in to the beach and then towed them across the bay back to their boat.

I love the look of backlit clouds.

Eric shared this lobster with us after he and Ralph went diving for dinner. 

March 11, 2014

Driving around Long Island

We rented a car and took a trip around  long island and found an abandoned Catholic church on the south end of Long Island.

Inside the church.

One of the grocery stores we visited. No ice cream!

Post Office for Deadman's Cay.

We finally found the right road that lead to the deepest "blue hole" in the Bahamas.

A blue hole normally is a underground cave that has had the roof fall in creating a deep hole in the land or in the water. Deans is the deepest blue hole in the Bahamas and the second deepest in the world at 663 feet deep. The platform that is in the picture is used for competition free diving. There is a line run over the side that goes straight down to the bottom and a free diver grabs on to a weight, takes a big breath, and heads down... the trick is getting back up before you run out of air! The world record for a free dive was set here at


March 10, 2014

Clarence town

Ralph and Rich snorkeling near the rocks in the Bay. they said that the water was amazingly clear with 100+ feet of visibility.

We ran into many sheep and goats wandering around the town and the island.

Saint Peter and Paul Catholic Church sit high up on a hill. This was built is the late 1800's by Father Jerome (who also built several other churches in the islands) and it is a wonder to see.

The altar.

The crèche.

Not sure what this is for.

 Rich climbed the tower and took many pictures from the top This is looking out at the back of the church from the tower.

Father Jerome also built this Anglican Church (before he converted to the Roman Catholic religion) and it was in beautiful condition. They were doing some reconstruction to the church when we visited.

The altar.

Taking a much needed break after a long walk to get there.

March 9, 2014

Getting to Clarence town

We passed this sailboat as we sailed toward Clarence Town on the ocean side of Long Island. Good looking boat ain't she?

Entering the harbor at Clarence Town. Look really close and you can see that the waves appear to be breaking everywhere across the opening!

We made it in OK and while backing up promptly wrapped our fishing line around the prop.

Ralph and Rich went snorkeling to clear the prop and found treasures on the bottom. The Conch were too small to keep but the shells were really nice.


The biscuit shell was full of the little hermit crabs on the right.


The red shell on this conch was lovely, but it was a roller so back it went into the sea.

This milk conch sure was a fighter. We should have taken a video of him for he'd come way out of the shell and swing and grab for us!

Not sure what type of shell this is, but look at the foot pad!

Interesting piece of coral. 

March 8, 2014

Leaving George Town for long Island

The start of the Long Island Regatta.

Everyone leaving for Thompson Bay, Long Island... we went the other way!

Class "C" Bahamian racing sloops, sure are pretty!

March 7, 2014

Hiking on Elisabeth Island

Rich and Ralph decided to walk up to Monument Hill for some exercise.

View of Elizabeth Harbor from Monument Hill. This picture only shows about 1/3 of all of the boats anchored in the harbor. I bet that there were about 200 boats here.

March 6, 2014

Snorkeling around the harbor

Note, tomorrow we are going to go off for a week exploring the out islands of the Bahamas in this area and will be back in internet range when we get back. 


Sand dollar that Rich found for me. This picture was taken by our new underwater camera.

Rich found this sea cucumber in the sea grass... sure is ugly! We are learning to use our new underwater camera. Thanks, Angie.

Close up of (who knows???)

There were lots of these little silver fish swimming along the bottom.

Rich chopping up the conch meat.

With the meat from two conch, I made conch fritters and sweet potato fries. We invited our buddy boats over and had them as hors d'oeuvres. Then enjoyed a potluck dinner filled with conversation and laughter... We also forgot to take pictures of the finished conch fritters, but they were good. 

March 5, 2014

Our friend working the conch I froze out of his shell.

He has it almost out.

The conch, ugly isn't it? Can you believe we plan to each it?

March 4, 2014

Leaving Galliot Cut in the morning.

The day was so calm that as we motored along, Rich had time to clean the stainless.

Rich finally caught a fish! To bad it was a barracuda.

He worked the hook out and tossed him back to grow a bit larger.

The surf breaking on the rocks as we were going into Elisabeth Harbor.

March 3, 2014

While walking around in Blackpoint settlement, I noticed several fruit trees and a couple of local gardens. This is a papaya tree with immature fruit.

This is a Noni tree with a nearly ripe fruit. The Noni fruit is a favorite of Polynesians who introduced it to Hawaii. Currently it is sold in health food stores as a health supplement.

This is the Sapodilla tree. The tree is prized for it's fruit in Central America and the sap can be made into chewing gum.

March 2, 2014

Rich rode with Waves of Grace in their dinghy around Big Major Island. They said the ride around the island had LOTS of large waves and white water and was an "E" ticket ride. They stopped in Staniel Cay walking around the settlement and to the Staniel Cay Yacht Club. It's a resort on the Cay.

Great Bougainvillea flowers out of side of the club.

This is cruisers beach or as the cruisers call it...

Says it all!

A face only a mom can love. We went to "pig beach" and it lived up to it's name when one of the pigs began to swim out to our dinghy.

These guys are about 5 feet long and ready for the frying pan.

March 1, 2014

We passed this Schucker named Misbehavin; it was owned by a single gal.

My next you notice the umbrellas on the back deck? How the side of the boat opens up so that they can get their 30+ foot run-about out of it's garage? Oh, and don't miss the private helicopter on the back deck!! All I need is 6 correct numbers and the power ball number and it's all mine!
















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