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October 29, 2011

Death March

Last Monday, Rich and I took a death march to Michigan and back. We left at 5:30 pm Monday and arrived back in Oriental 2:00 am Thursday morning. Rich found a foreclosed property near Sand Lake and we just had to take a look. The house is grim, but not scary, whereas the property is very nice with a good view of the lake and a BIG pole barn.

The house on Rau Dr.

The house sits on a small hill with a two stall garage and a pole barn.

All season porch facing the lake.

All season room with a deck facing the lake.

View of the lake from the deck off of the all season porch.

View of the lake from the deck.

The upper fireplace.

The fireplace in the upstairs living room.

The lower fireplace.

Fireplace in the walkout basement.

Deck off of the master bedroom.

Deck off from the master bedroom.

View of the house from road in front of the house.

View of house standing on the road in front of the house. The house is set back.

Beautiful fall colors.

On the drive we had beautiful fall colors.

October 24, 2011


It appears that a setting on the Captain's Blog was changed making it harder for friends to post comments, some could post, others could not. I think I have it fixed. If a couple of you would try to post and let us know if does not work we would appreciate it. If you are unable to post please email us at one of the links in the right column of this page.

Anna's projects

Besides helping Rich when needed and feeding him 5 times a day, I've been working on some projects of my own. I am completing a baby quilt that my daughter, Erica started 13 years ago for my grandson Ray and really enjoying it.

Ray's Baby Quilt

Each of the center blocks were embroidered by different women in the family.

Aunt Angies's block.

Aunt Angie completed this block.

Erica's block.

Ray's mom, Erica completed this block. I hope to have the quilt completed by Thanksgiving. Also, I am making potholders using up leftover yarn. Crocheting the potholders goes super fast.

Potholders I crocheted.

It's fun to mix and match the colors. Anyone need a homemade (with lots of love) potholder?

October 9, 2011

The Annapolis Sailboat Show

I went to the boat show with one intention, to look at dinghies. As you may have noticed; we seem to have a lot of trouble with leaky dinghies. I (We) are always looking for a better dinghy  in our price range.

Well we found one!

Joe and Rich standing next to the dinghy.

We found a new start up company which sells several styles of dinghies. Rich and one of the owners, Joe standing next to the model we chose. It is 10'6" with an air bottom.

Closer view of the dinghy.

It comes with an anchor roller, davit hangers, two seats, oars, a cover and best of all - it doesn't leak!    yet......

October 6, 2011 

Work, Work, Work

Rich has been working on Snow Goose and working on the marina helping repair the damage from Hurricane Irene.

Rich working Genie, on of the hydraulic lifts.

Many repairs to the lift,

Rich working on the bathroom electrical boxes.

Finish the bathroom

The new light with blower he installed in the bathroom.

Put in a fan,

Anna sanding the frame to one of the screens.

And I helped!

Rich spray painting one of the screens.

Yea, but I had to paint it.

The finished screen.

The original paint had bubbled up from exposure to salt water and we had to sand it off and repaint it.

Rich replacing a bad blower fan on the refrigerater.

The cooling fan in the refrigeration compartment died, YUCK

The front locker emptied on our bed, while Rich switched the toilet to fresh water instead of salt water.

Running another plumbing line up under the front bed.

Cuban beans and rice, I made for dinner.

My part of the job is to keep the Captain well fed.

The new table Rich installed by the front wheel.

Rich built a new and improved coffee table by the front steering station.

One of the electrical posts damaged by Irene that Rich is repairing.

Repairing the dock pedestals

Rich varnishing the front mast.

and of course the never-ending varnish.

October 1, 2011

Beaufort Contra Dance

Rich and I haven't been to a contra dance in over two years. We heard about a local dance on the radio and decided to go. The closest route to Beaufort from Oriental is via the Minnesott to Cherry Branch ferry.

Ferrymen closing the gate on the ferry.

We reached the ferry just as they were lowering the gate but they still let us on, then immediately left the Minnesott Ferry Terminal.

Rich and the diesel.

Rich and the diesel on the ride across.

The ferry coming Cherry Branch.

On the way we passed the other ferry the Thomas A. Baum coming across from Cherry Branch Ferry Terminal.

The caller at the dance.

Susan, the caller and some of the group demonstrating how to do some of the steps.

Getting ready to dance.

Getting ready to dance.

Dancing the night away.

Contra dancing is both fun and great exercise!

Maria and Paul with his Russian motorcyle.

After the dance Paul and his friend Maria got into his 1996 Russian made Ural motorcycle to head home... I WANT one!

Maria and Paul as they leave.

Nice bike and side car. We found one on the web for about $2000... Think we should get it?

It was a good night of meeting new people and dancing and we hope to do it again.

September 25, 2011

Oriental NC

After a month we are back on the Snow Goose in Oriental, NC. The Goose was well taken care of by Deaton's. No external damage. Inside was dry and mold free except for the refrigerator and the freezer. We lost power from all of the cloudy days and so the refrigerator grew a good crop of mold and fly maggots before the power built back up again, the fridge re-started and froze the little beasts. It's all clean now and Rich repainted the insides - yeah!!! It took two days of work but we've moved back on and we're ready to dig into the real work that needs to be done.

Even a month later the devastation from Hurricane Irene is apparent. There are trees down waiting to be cut up and the fields are full of water. It has been raining for three days now adding to flooded fields. The air is thick with mosquitoes; several counties are spraying insecticide to reduce the mosquito population. Everywhere you look there are piles of debris, even though the giant trash trucks have already been through three times since the hurricane.

Debris waiting for pick up.

scenes along the road sides

Debris waiting for pick up.

The water damage was from storm surge right into the house or...

A house with a damaged roof.

loss of the roof.

Ruined insulation waiting for pick up.

When the water rises into the house all of the insulation must be removed, what a mess.

A barn destroyed by a downed tree.

Or for some, they lose an old storage building


















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