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May 24, 2011

Fort Macon

We spent the morning at Fort Macon. I've put a couple of pictures on here; the rest are in Picasa under our photos link.

The visitor center at Fort Macon.

This the modern visitor center for the state park and Fort Macon. It 's very nice and contains good information.

Sign on the path to Fort Macon.


Fort Macon

A view of the fort from the hillside next to it.  

May 23, 2011

Shackleford Bank

The visitor sign at Shackleford Bank.

We took Snow Goose over to this island to look for shells and to see the horses.

The information sign about the horses on the island.

The information regarding the horses on the island states their origin is unknown. The park rounds up the horses each year and culls the herd as necessary. Although the horses did not seem to be afraid of us, they were not friendly either.

The first horse we observed.

This is the first horse we saw.

A pair of horses along the trail to the ocean beach.

These two were along the path over to the ocean beach. The horse on the left was marked with the number 35.

A pretty one that was walking on the beach. 

Horse walking next to the beach.

This was one of several horses walking a trail right next to the beach.  

Anna walking on the beach collecting shells.

As always, I walked the beach looking for shells.

May 22,2011

Beaufort NC

Beaufort's book mobile.

In each city we visit, we are always looking for books. We try to find a book exchange or a used book store. In Beaufort we found both. This book mobile sponsored by the Friends of the Library is open every weekend April through September.

The bookmobile open for business.

There are books inside and out and for a small price, you can replenish your reading supply.

Up the stairs at Back Street Pub.

Neat spiral staircase to the upper level at the Back Street Pub.

A wall of books.

This wall of books is open to cruisers for exchange.

The town of Beaufort has many homes that are over a hundred years old. Here are some pictures of a  few of them. 

The Joseph King House built in 1783.

Morris L Thomas home.

The Morris L Thomas House built in 1827.

This house was built in 1769.

Victorian style home built in 1905

This Victorian style home was built in 1905.

The Leffers House

The Leffers House built in 1778 was my favorite with it's little side garden. I love the Hollyhocks.

May 21, 2011

The artist Anita Francis.

While walking to the local organic market, we stumbled across an art show at the Beaufort Arts Center. Anita Francis is a book artist and her art is absolutely fascinating. Here she is holding her sculpture titled "Lilies". You can view more of her art at these websites booksandjackets and sculpturedprayers.

Memorial bell at the corner of Turner and

As usual Rich finds the neatest play things. This bell rang loud and clear.

Coastal Community Market

The Coastal Community Market is a local organic market. Very well stocked for a smaller community.

Teenager jumping into Taylor Creek.

As we returned to the dinghy dock, we notice some teens jumping off the dock and swimming in Taylor Creek. Alexa jumped in to join her friends splashing our dinghy in the process. 

May 20, 2011

We're in Beaufort, North Carolina. Three days and nights sailing in the ocean, a first for us. The sail was awesome.

Sailing up the coast


Fort Clinch on the St. Mary's River.

As we left the anchorage at Cumberland Island we passed Fort Clinch on the St. Mary's River. It was quite an impressive fort guarding the river's entrance.

Shrimp boats in the St. Mary's channel.

The shrimp boats were taking up most of the channel, so we stayed off to the side. The St. Mary's channel is wide and deep. It's kept that way because there's a nuclear submarine base just up river from Cumberland Island... we didn't stop there!

Shrimp boat Catina Renea.

This boat was charging up the river bringing in it's catch of shrimp, once it stopped turning in the channel.

Shrimp boat Capt. Snorky.

We saw both of these shrimp boats tied up in Fernandina  and this one has the usual bunch of scavengers following behind.

A view of the St. Mary's Inlet from the ocean.

A view of the St. Mary's Inlet from the ocean. 

Sunset on the ocean.

And another lovely sunset.


There was a pod of dolphins that swam along with Snow Goose for quite awhile. I took several pictures; these are just a few.

Dolphins playing along the boat.

They loved the bow wave.

Dolphins beside the boat.

Racing up the side of the boat.

Dolphin next to the bow.

They were so close that you could almost touch them.

Rich's shadow as he watches the dolphins.

Rich's shadow as he watches the dolphins play in the bow wave.

Dolphins in the bow wave.

At times we thought the dolphins would be run over by the boat as they swam underneath the bow.

Dophins in the bow wave.

These dolphins are coming out of the bow wave.


The speed meter hasn't worked properly for awhile, so Rich decided to clean the barnacles off of it while in the ocean. Cleaner water, no alligators, just jellyfish and sharks....

Rich heading in to the water.

The water was 73 deg. which is about as warm as Lake Michigan gets in the summer.

Adjusting to the water temp.

The bottom had even more barnacles than I thought it would have.

Diving down to clean the speed meter.

Anna kept a lookout for sharks while I was under.

Cleaning the propeller.

scraping the rudder and the prop off.

Rich climbing back on the boat.

Needless to say I didn't enjoy the dip.

Another gorgeous sunset.

And another beautiful sunset....

Rich and Edie relaxing in the evening.

Rich and Edie relaxing.

Friday morning

Sunrise as we sailed in to Beaufort Inlet.

A beautiful sunrise greeted us as we sailed in to the Beaufort Inlet. 

May 17, 2011

We're headed out St. Mary's inlet this morning. We will be off shore for the next few days and unable to post. We are hoping to stay off shore until North Carolina or possibly the Chesapeake.

Here's a little about our visit to Fernandina yesterday.


We stopped to get fuel in Fernandina. While we were there, we were able to dock at the Fernandina Harbor dock for an hour. The hour was well used.  

Anna standing with statue.

Posing with the locals.

The Fernandina Post Office.

This lovely old building is the post office.

Pepper's mexican restaurant.

This lovely restaurant was in the same building as the general store we were shopping at. One of the  guys at the marina told us the food was good.

Rich and Anna at Pepper's restaurant.

So we stopped for a quick lunch and the food was good! Fast service, also.

Rich and the shark.

Rich loves to live dangerously......

Snow Goose at the outer dock.

It was easy to dock and go.

The Fernandina Harbor Marina.

A view of the marina as we left.  Good bye Fernandina, we'll be back for a longer stay.

May 16, 2011

We're back on the boat again. Just spent two whirlwind weeks in Michigan. College graduation, grandkid school programs, friends to visit, doctor visits and a broken furnace! Too much fun...

After leaving Green Cove, we headed down river to Sister Creek. Last night we anchored just off Sister Creek and tonight we're at Cumberland Island.

Cumberland Island

Beautiful live oak trees.

Much of Cumberland Island is a maritime forest full of live oak trees. They are very majestic.

Spanish moss hanging from the oak trees.

Spanish moss covered many of the live oaks shading the forest. Very beautiful to look at.

Large tom turkey.

I believe this is the largest tom turkey I have ever seen and he was very vocal. 

The front of Dungess ruins.

The ruins of Dungeness mansion from the front drive.

The back of Dungess ruins.

The back of the mansion which faced the lowlands and the river.

We will post more on Cumberland Island; there is a lot to visit on the island and we  only visited a small portion.

























































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