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June 28-July 1, 2011


A view of the Ocracoke lighthouse as we entered Silver Lake.

Megan taking a shower on deck.

The girls enjoyed taking a shower on the deck.

Ray taking a shower on deck.

Ray's turn.

the community store

The Community Store. We bought ice cream here twice. 1/2 gal each time and then we had to eat it ALL at once! Yumm.

One of the local stores.

One of the local vendors on Ocracoke island they sell everything from shells to ice cream and also rent gulf carts too.

Ray and Grandpa relaxing.

Ray and Grandpa relaxing on the hammock.

Meg on a swing.

Megan on the swing.

Caity climbing the tree.

Caity climbing the tree.

Grandpa teaching the kids how to play poker.

Grandpa decided to corrupt the grandkids; teaching them penny poker... (sushhhhh, don't tell anyone). by the way, they beat Grandpa!

A beautiful sunset.

A beautiful sunset over Pamlico Sound.

Rich and grandkids playing in the ocean.

Playing in the ocean, waiting for the next wave.

Rich and grandkids playing in the ocean.

Getting ready for the big wave coming in.

Rich and grandkids playing in the ocean.

Riding the wave. The kids loved playing in the ocean. They even found a few shells.

Snow Goose as a chinese laundry.

Snow Goose masquerading as a Chinese laundry.

Meg and Caity at the lighthouse.

Rich and the decided to walk over to the lighthouse. Meg and Caity in front of the lighthouse.

Ocracoke lighthouse.

The Ocracoke lighthouse. It is the second oldest continuously operating lighthouse  in the nation.

Caity riding the shark swing.

Caity riding the shark swing.

Ray and Caity jumping off the boat.

Jumping off the boat into Silver Lake. No jellyfish thankfully. 

Grandkids climbing on the boat.

Climbing back on the boat, with Edie waiting. 

June 28, 2011

As we sailed out of Adam's Creek we ran into a fleet of shrimp boats.

Megan watching shrimp boats approach.

Some of the shrimp boats as they approach.

Shrimp boat "Miss Gina"

The shrimp boat "Miss Gina".

The shrimp boat "Knot-sa-Much".

The shrimp boat "Lady Laura".

Capt'n RP

The shrimp boat "Capt'n RP".

Miss Gwendolyn

The shrimp boat "Miss Gwendolyn".

These were only a few of the shrimp boats that headed into Adams Creek. Many of the boats were dragging for shrimp and we had to dodge their nets. An interesting start to our sail.

The girls getting their feet wet.

The girls rode the rails most of the day trying to get their feet wet. In the afternoon the wind finally came up.

The kids standing in the cockpit.

The waves started coming over the deck as the wind increased so the kids were confined to the cockpit. They pretended to surf and challenged the waves.

One of the ferries we met coming out of Siver Lake.

We passed two ferries coming out of Ocracoke as we sailed in. They made it easier for us to follow the channel. 

June 27, 2011

Sorry for the lack of entries to the website but we were on vacation and you know how it is, just too much to do in too little time.

We are back at the boat with the grandkids.

Captured jellyfish.

The kids are fascinated by the jellyfish. With Grandpa's help they captured this one in a bucket to get a closer look.

Ray touching the jellyfish.

Ray decided he wanted to poke the jellyfish. It took him several tries to actually touch it. All he said was "It's slimy."

We're finally ready to head off for our "Grand Adventure".

The grandkids pushing the boat off the piling.

They were pushing the boat off the piling as we pulled out of the slip.

As we motored out into Neuse River, we could hear a loud rumble in the boat and we didn't have the power we should. Rich decided he needed to clean the prop. So he dived in to start the cleaning and the grand kids jumped in too.

Ray swimming in the water.

Ray swimming in jellyfish infested waters.

The girls heading back to the boat.

The girls swimming to get out of the jellyfish infested water.

Rich after getting stung by jellyfish.

An unhappy Captain who got stung by the jellyfish right in the face and the arms. He says the meat tenderizer did not help his stings, but the hot water did!

Ray helping grandpa.

So, Grandpa put on a wetsuit and finished cleaning the barnacles off the prop. Ray helping Grandpa get out of his wet suit after he finished. Ray is acting as First Mate for this trip.

Then we noticed the lightening, thunder and the rain headed our way. Real nice start  to our grand adventure.

Megan and Ray closing port holes.

The kids ran down below to help close all of the port holes before the rain hit.

Caity closing port holes.

With 10 ports open there was a lot of work to do.  We anchored in Adams Creed for the night.

June 3, 2011

We've left the boat docked at Deaton's and we're headed to Michigan for a couple of weeks.  We are picking up crew (grandkids) for the boat.  Our first stop will be Kentucky.


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