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July 24-30, 2011

Highlights of traveling to New York

It took us a week to get to New York. The wind was not in our favor. We motored up the Cheasapeake Bay with the wind on our nose and when we turned to run down the Delaware Bay, the wind was still on our nose.

Oil refinery.

In the distance we saw a lot of fuel tanks behind the trees.

Unloading docks.

Just off shore, was a fuel off-loading dock that could hold two tankers at once.

A beautiful sunset.

Just another great sunset.

Nuclear power plant.

Nuclear plant on the Delaware Bay.

Abandoned lighthouse.

Oh, and another light house.

Lighthouse at the end of Delaware Bay.

And another!! This is the entrance to the Delaware bay.

We passed a lot of tourist activity along the New Jersey coast and...

Storm moving in as we anchored.

pulled into Barnegat inlet just before all hell broke loose in the form of a large thunderstorm.

Fishing fleet at Barnegut Inlet.

The next morning, the skys were clear and the fishing fleet was still at the dock.

Lighthouse at Barnegat Inlet.

I like this shot, it's the Barnegat Inlet lighthouse.

One of many amusement parks on the New Jersey coast.

There were a LOT of amusment parks right on the shoreline of New Jersey.

Boats racing on the ocean.

And we happened to sail right through a sailboat race!

July 21, 2011

Today we are scheduled to tour the Capital building.

The Capital Building.

 The west side of the Capital Building.

A copy of the statue on top of the Capital Building.

Inside the visitor center is a copy of Freedom, a colossal statue that was added to the top of the dome in 1863.

The capstone in the center of the rotunda.

This star inlaid in the floor marks the point at which Washington, D.C. is divided into its four quadrants; however, the exact center of the city lies near the White House.

The ceiling of the rotunda.

On the canopy of the rotunda is the painting The Apotheosis of Washington painted by the Italian-American artist Constantino Brumidi.

3 dimensional painting along the side of the rotunda.

This looks like a 3 dimensional carving within the rotunda but it's a flat painting!

The grandkids next to a statue of Gerald R. Ford.

The grandkids with Gerald R. Ford commemorative statue.

The Library of Congress.

Next we visited the Library of Congress.

Ray reading the Children's book section.

Ray found a comic book to read.

One of the halls in the Library of Congress.

The lower hallways of the Library of Congress it's just beautiful.

Inside of the main hall.

It was breathtaking!

Ray and his new friend John.

Ray met a new friend; his name is John.

Caity and Megan using the interactive computers.

Caity and Megan using one the interactive computers.

The Department of Justice.

Afterwards we walked over to look at the Supreme Court Building. 

July 20, 2011

Today we walked until we were about to drop.

Blue crabs at the fish market.

First we walked through the fish market and on to the Washington Monument by way of the Holocaust Museum.

The Holocaust Museum.

Quite a museum but very somber and disconcerting.

Waiting in line at Washington's monument.

Then it was over to the Washington Monument. We only had to wait for a few minutes in the 95 deg sunshine before we got in.

Plaque of George Washington

Nice plaque.

Riding up in the elevator.

We're going up to the top viewing platform. The elevator was very crowded.

The grandkids standing at one of the windows.

Ray said WOW! Megan said WOW! Caity said is this it?

View of the White House from Washington's monument.

I thought the views were great!

Lincoln's monument.

Notice that the reflection pool is empty? They are rebuilding it. that's the WWII monument in the fore ground.

The outside of the monument.

Back on the ground we looked up and boy were we impressed. The different color stone on the corners is from when they repaired the monument a few decades back.

Kids on a giant oak tree.


Lincoln's monument.

The big man himself. I get chills every time that I see this statue but the kids didn't think too much of it.

The sitting on the steps of the Lincoln memorial.

I sure look like a sour puss, I guess that 100 degrees is too much for me.


Just thought this was cute.


Yet another monument to an army division.

The grandkids sitting in front of the White House.

Finally, we made it to the Whitehouse.

July 19, 2011

The Bureau of Engraving and Printing

We walked up to the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. Visitors are not allowed to take pictures during the tour for obvious reasons, but we took some afterwards. The tour guide said (and I quote) "We ran out of free samples but is you come back tomorrow they might have some" You should have see the grand kids faces when he said that!

Ray and Caity in front of one of the displays.

Of course, the grandkids were interested in money.

A ten thousand dollar bill.

Ray would like one of these.

Caity looking at a copy of the Declaration of Independence.

Caity is studying the Declaration of Independence.

John Hancock's signature.

She commented on John Hancock's signature. 

Megan next to the money measure.

Megan is almost as tall as $1,328,100 dollars.

Caity looking for souvenirs.

Neat sun glasses.

Ray looking for souvenirs.

Ray looking at shirts, but he's out of souvenir money.

Meg and I taking a break.

Meg and I taking a break. 

July 18, 2011

Jen and Meg on the Metro.

We rode the Metro to the Woolsey/National Zoo stop. Caitlin thought the train was going to fall off from the tracks since it swayed so much.

Sign at the National Zoo

 Then we walked three blocks from the metro station to the National Zoo.

Ray and Megan feeling zebra skin.

Ray and Meg talked to the volunteer at the zoo. They are touching zebra skin.

Ray and Caity at the Panda exihibit.

We tried to get pictures of the pandas, but it was a hot day and they kept going inside.

Ray being misted by water.

All thru the zoo there were water misters and we would walk through them to cool down. It was a nice addition to our visit.

Ray and Caity in front of the anteater statue.

Outside of the small mammal house was a statue of  an anteater, which Ray wanted to  examine.

The grandkids petting a cow.

In one area of the zoo was a farm animal display. The kids enjoyed petting the cow; then we headed for the reptile display and back to the marina.

After dinner, Grandpa decided to take the kids for a walk to see some of the monuments.

The kids in front of Jefferson's statue.

Even though it was a long walk the kids took it in stride.

The kids hugging one of the columns.

 Hugging the columns, Why??? I don't know but they liked it.

The kids jumping off the steps.

As well as jumping off from the giant steps.

The kids

A quick stop at the George Mason memorial

Ray and Meg in the bread line.

and on to the Roosevelt memorial where the kids joined the bread line.

the kids

I wonder why kids like to climb on statues?


Jefferson memorial at night.

The Washington Monument.

Two days from now, we will be looking out of those little windows at the top of the Washington memorial.

Caity worn out, sleeping.

Completely wore out. 

July 17, 2011

Today Grandpa and Ray went to the Spy Museum and walked around DC. The girls and I went to the Pentagon City Mall for a  shop till you drop day.

Caity and her red shoe.

Caity just loves red.

Meg in heels.

Megan wanted heels.

Megan in glasses.

Very studious.

Caity in sunglasses.

What fun.

Future cell phone owners.

Future cell phone owners picking their covers

Caity in a fancy hat.

Nice wink.

Megan showing a fancy fan.

We could have used a fan, it was hot.

Shopping in Icing.

Checking out the mood jewelry.

Megan and her new necklace.

Megan decided to buy the necklace.

Enjoying ice cream.

We finished with hot fudge sundaes.

Ray and Grandpa in front of the White House.

They couldn't take pictures at the International Spy Museum, so they took a few on the walk back to the marina. Ray and Grandpa in front of the White House.

Ray watching the Tibetan monks.

Ray was interested in the Tibetan monks.

Ray at the fish market.

At the fish market...


Nice looking red snapper.

Some nice looking red snapper. 

July 16, 2011

Our first day in DC; we headed out without a plan.

Grandpa explaining the Smithsonian layout to the kids.

Grandpa showing the kids the Smithsonian layout.

Grandma and kids resting in the air conditioning.

Taking a break from the heat and the walking.

Canoe from the Andes.

The first museum we visited was the National Museum of the American Indian. In the lobby was this reed boat is made high in the Andes and used on Lake Titicaca.

Megan sitting on a rock.

Megan on the rocks.

Caity standing in the prism reflection.

In the lobby on one of the walls was a window of prisms. Caity standing in the red light from the prism.

Grandkids working with corn husks.

They had an interactive program going on so the grandkids worked with corn husks.

Corn husk dragonflies the grand kids made.

The dragonflies they made.

Ray in front of a beautiful door.

Afterwards we walked around the mall for a while. We walked by this really neat door.

July 15, 2011

As we leaving our anchorage in Mattawoman Creek we heard a loud boom and observed a puff of smoke rising above the trees.

Smoke above the trees.

The smoke on shore.

The girls at the bow entering the DC harbor.

Caity and Meg at the bow of the Goose as we motored into the DC harbor. Minutes after we entered the harbor we were visited by the Harbor Police informing us that anyone board under the age of 18 must wear a life jacket and that riding on the bow was forbidden.

The ex-Presidential Yacht.

This beautiful Trumphy used to be the Presidential Yacht. President

July 14, 2011

Range boat 6 

The Navy was practicing live fire on the P0tomic when we left. This Range Boat made sure that we stayed outside of the yellow buoys.

Security zone buoy.

Staying clear of the markers.

Navy boat

Finally after 10 miles we went past the last Range boat.

July 13, 2011

We stopped in at Colonial Beach, a town about 1/2 of the way up the Potomac River. We needed new filters for the water system on the boat. The kids were excited since there was a swimming beach!

Caity and Megan in the water.

Caity's not too happy with the water since she can't see her feet!

Ray cleaning rocks out of his water shoes.

Ray wasn't too happy; he had to keep dumping rocks out of his water shoes.

Caity's new floatation device. She called it a "diaper". (front view)

Caity modeling her new flotation device. She calls it the "diaper". This is the front view.

The back view.

Back view.

Kids floating using their life jacket "diapers".

All the kids floating around on their "diapers".

As we left Colonial Beach, the Coast Guard issued a storm warning. We had planned to cross to the Maryland side of the Potomac to anchor, but didn't quite make it before the storm hit.

Lightening from the thunderhead.

I snapped this picture, in the calm before the storm broke. For about 20 minutes we had a real wild ride.

The wind meter clocked the wind at 77 MPH during the storm.

As you can see the highest wind gust was a bit strong... This reading is in knots per hour which equals about 85 mph of wind! More than hurricane strength winds.

July 12, 2011

The motion on the Chesapeake was rougher this morning and all the kids were under the weather with Caity being the sickest. They laid around and slept most of the morning.

Ray sleeping on our bed.

Ray sleeping on our bed.

Caity sleeping in the cockpit.

Caity sleeping in the cockpit after losing her breakfast to sea sickness.

Meg and Grandpa relaxing in the cockpit.

Megan and Grandpa relaxing in the cockpit.

Piney Point Lighthouse

We stopped for the night at Piney Point and the kids and I took the dinghy in for a look at the lighthouse. It was built in 1835 and is only 30 feet high... not even taller than the surrounding trees.

Ray ringing the bell.

There was a bell and Ray just couldn't get enough of ringing it.

Ray and Megan wading in the water.

Ray and Megan wading near shore.  No jellyfish in sight.

Sunset at Piney Point.

A beautiful sunset at Piney Point.

July 11, 2011

Normally the Deltaville Maritime Museum is not open on Mondays, but this week is boat building week. So we took the dinghy up the shallow creek to the museum.

Map showing our path to the museum.

This is the path we took to the museum.

One family working on their boat.

One of several families building the 14 ft Chesapeake flat bottom skiff.

An example of the boat the families are building.

This finished boat is being raffled off and it is the same design the families are making.

The museum's version of John Smith's boat used to explore the area.

Several years ago the museum built this replica of a boat that Captain Smith used to explore the Chesapeake Bay.

Rich and grandkids looking insed the Explorer.

Of course, everyone had to take a look inside of the boat.

The transom of the Explorer.

Good name.

Display of various types of knots.

A display board showing various knots.

The grandkids tying knots.

There was rope on the other side of the board  and the kids practiced tying knots.

Grandpa fixing the dinghy engine.

On the way back to the boat, Grandpa ran the dinghy aground and broke the engine.

The broken shear pin.

All that's left of the shear pin.

July 10, 2011

A last look at the Wisconsin and we're off heading north on the Chesapeake.

The bow of the Wisconsin.

She has a beautiful curve to her bow.

It is amazing how creative kids can be without electronics.....

The fort the kids built in the salon.

 A tornado struck the inside of the boat as they created a fort inside of the boat.

Inside of the fort.

Lots of happy faces just out of focus.

Ray fishing for jellyfish with Caity watching.

Once we anchored in Jackson Creek, the kids wanted to go swimming... Until they saw all the jellyfish.

Ray, Megan and Caity with a jellyfish in the bucket.

There was a school of small fish around the boat and hundreds of jellyfish of various sizes. So the kids decided to fish for jellyfish. They were successful.

Ray's mohawk.

Ray clowning around during his nightly shower. Nice Mohawk. ..

July 9, 2011

While Grandpa was gone to Wal-Mart to buy a new DVD player; we went to the Post Office and the Farmer's Market.

The statue honoring Confederate soldiers.

Ray really like this statue honoring the fallen Confederate soldiers.

The Farmer's Market on Court Street.

Most of the Farmer's Market booths were on Court Street.

One of the bakery vendors. 

These women had some tasty baked goods.

A re-enactor from colonial times.

Hamming it up with a colonial re-enactor.

Parrots at one of the booths.

Neat parrots, Buddy and Peach....

The owner's of

their owners Victoria and David of Blackwater Lavender.

For the afternoon, while grandpa worked on the boat, we visited the sports museum. It helped that it was air conditioned and the tickets were 2 for 1.

Ray and Caity shooting hoops.

Shooting hoops in front of the Sports Museum.

Megan shooting hoops.

Can Meg do it??

Meg's basketball stuck in the hoop.

Yes she can!

Caity throwing baseballs.

Caity baseball speed of 18 mph.

The girls racing.

Nascar racing....

All three using up the last token.

Splitting the last token.

July 8, 2011

Today Grandpa and the kids are going across to Norfolk to visit the Nauticus and the Wisconsin; whose nickname was "Whiskey". (Grandma decided that she needed some time off).

Snow Goose from the ferry.

Grandma said "Bye... don't come back too soon!"

Grandpa and the kids leaving on the ferry.

We had to take a ferry across the river to get to the battleship and the Nauticus museum.

The Spirit of Independence.

While we were away to the museum, a two masted schooner pulled in across from us.

The anchor to the Wisconsin.

This is the size of the anchor that the battleship uses, only it has two of them.

Megan as a sailor.

A true sailor wantabe.

The nurse shark.

They had live sharks and...

Ray petting the nurse shark.

you could pet them too!

A horseshoe crab.

They also had a live horseshoe crab that the kids could touch.  

Grandpa and Ray in the theatre.

Ray and I waiting for one of the movies to start.

Finally, after the museum, we went onto the battleship Wisconsin. the anchor chains were huge... each link was 110 Lbs!

On the aft deck you can see the massive 16" guns behind me. They could hurl a shell that weights as much as a VW Bug over 20 miles! The ship is very impressive.

Megan and Caity playing on the splash pad.

Afterwards the girls had fun running thru a water fountain before we hopped back onto the ferry to return home.

July 7, 2011

Wind Horse in the Dismal Canal.

Doesn't the Wind Horse look magnificent? Rich says she looks like miniature destroyer - definitely ocean worthy.

The lock master.

Robert was the lock master at the Deep Creek lock. He taught us how to play the conch shell.

The Portsmouth Library.

After we tied up at High Street Landing, we decided to take a walk. The renovation to the library was supposed to completed by July, 2011, but as you can see, it was still closed.

The Commodore Theatre on High Street. 

We walked down High Street to look around. This is the Commodore Theatre. It is an old fashioned dinner theatre. Maybe Grandpa and I will check it out next time. 

July 6, 2011

Elizabeath River heading north.

The Elizabeth River was coated with a green plant once we were north of the city.

Our path throught the green.

Our path through the green.

Waiting for the lock to open.

We waited for about 30 minutes for the lock to open. It looked like you could step right off on the surface and walk to shore.

The captain hard at work in the lock.

Caity has a good seat.

Megan on the bow.

Megan on the bow.

The girls helping with the lines in lock.

They make it look like work.

The mileage sign in the lock.

Only 230 more miles to Washington DC!

The Snow Goose behind Wind Horse.

We pulled in behind this extremely large aluminum boat. We were wondering about it's story.

Wind Horse.

It turns out that it is owned by the Dashew's, a couple who have made their life by designing sailboats. This is their first venture into power, a 83 foot aluminum power boat that can cross oceans. In fact, it was built in New Zeeland and they have spent the last 6 years exploring the oceans with it, over 60,000 miles (that's over twice around the earth!). Check them out at:

The kids at Dismal Sswamp.

July 5, 2011

Change in plans again; we decided to spend the day in Elizabeth City taking the kids to the local museums.  At the Museum of Albemarle, the kids were able to dress up in coast guard uniforms. There was a whole area dedicated to interactive play for kids.

Megan dressed as a coastie.

Megan makes a great coast guard helicopter pilot.

Caity dressed as a coastie.

Cait as co-pilot.

Saving Mr. Bear.

The kids were determined to save Mr. Bear. Ray's the swimmer who went in to save the bear.

Megan in a

Meg dressed in a Hazardous material suit.

Caity in a an orange wetsuit.

Coast guard scuba diving suit.

Ray in a coast guard wetsuit.

 Our hero after rescuing the bear.

All three in uniform.

Don't they look good?

In another room in the museum, kids could stage plays. They dressed up in several of the outfits.

Caity in costume.

Caity with her favorite skirt and lace collar.

Ray makes a great bear.

Handsome bear.

Megan in costume.

Megan chose to dress in early colonial style, not sure about the hat??

Later in the afternoon we went to Port Discovery, which is an interactive science museum for kids.

Megan dressed as a doctor.

Doctor Megan tending a patient.

Caity dressed in scrubs.

Caity in scrubs, just like her mom.

July 4, 2011

We decided to stay in Elizabeth City for the 4th.

The girls at the face painting booth.

Megan and Caity getting their faces painted.

Caity and Meg with their butterflies.

Aren't they cute?

Ray sitting on the old time fire truck.

This old fire truck was neat looking.

Ray next to the modern fire truck.

Ray really liked the modern fire truck with all the gages on the outside.

The fireworks were excellent. We tried to take pictures, but they didn't exactly turn out.

Next, the Dismal Swamp!

July 3, 2011

Sailing Roanoke Sound

Island in Roanoke Sound.

We anchored for the night next to this small island in Roanoke Sound.

Duck blinds in the sound.

There were several duck blinds throughout Roanoke Sound but they were hard to see not because of the fog but because of the smoke from the nearby Alligator river forest fire. You could smell the fire and at times it felt like you were standing right next to a smokey campfire with the wind blowing the smoke into your face.

Advertising on the water.

We passed advertising to "vote for Midget for sheriff"  on the water.

Osprey young, almost grown.

Osprey young in their nest, almost grown.

Work boat passing us on the sound.

Fishing boat heading out.

Fishing boat headed out for the day.

Welcome sign for Elizabeth City.

Finally arriving in Elizabeth City for the holiday...wait till you see the fireworks!

July 2, 2011

Leaving Ocracoke

As we started to pull anchor in Silver Lake we noticed a storm brewing to the north. A short time later it began to rain; in fact it poured.

The rain obscured our vision.

Hail on the seats.

The hail peppered the boat.

Hail in Megan's hand.

1/4 inch hailed rained on us for about 10 minutes.











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