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Kittywake: A Wharram Tiki 46 catamaran


January 30, 2011 

Rich and I wearing the tee shirts Ken and Sue gave us.

They gave us these Bahamas tee shirts as a souvenir.

Their plane arrives.

Their plane arrived late.

Taking luggage up to be loaded.

It was smaller than Sue had hoped for and almost too small for everyone's luggage. The luggage was loaded into the nose of the plane.

Ken and Sue just before they board the plane.

Ken and Sue waiting their turn to get on the plane. Ken, untroubled by the size of the plane, Sue... well as you can see she had a few worries.

Sue waving goodbye inside the plane.

Sue waving goodbye. (HELP!!! GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!)

The plane taxis off.

The plane getting ready to taxi over to the runway. It was a nice visit and we're both glad that they had the time to get away and come down here for a visit. Thanks for coming!

January 29, 2011

Rich and Ken going to check out the pigs.

Behind Big Major Cay, is a beach where pigs live! Some of the cruisers said the pigs were released by the locals so the tourists would feed them for free and once a year they could get free fattened pig. So, Ken and Rich head into the beach to check out the pigs.

Pig swimming to meet our dinghy.

This guy swam out to meet the dinghy.

Rich carrying pig away from dinghy.

Sure looks like Rich had to carry this one away from the dingy.

Pigs eating the scraps we brought.

After lunch we all went back to the pig beach to feed them our scraps.

Ken and Sue with mama pig.

Dancing with the mama pig.

Ken with little pig.

The pigs were really insistent that you feed them and they would follow you around to make sure that you didn't have any more food stashed away in your pockets. Ken is trying to convince this little guy he doesn't have any more food.

Sue with pig.

Sue debating on whether or not to pet the pig. Ken swears this one is tame.

Little pigs sleeping in the sand.

These guys went to sleep after eating. They would take their snouts and dig a trough in the sand and wiggle down into it for a nap.

Remains of an old boat wreck on the beach.

At the north corner of "pig beach" was the remains of a ship wreck. It appeared to be the front of a wooden 35 foot (or so) sail boat. It still had some of the cotton that was used to seal up the planks still in between the planks. You could see some of the cut marks on the timbers of the boat where they had hand cut and shaped the wood.

 Northern beach.

The northern beach on the island. We could see a table and some chairs up on the beach so se went over to investigate.

Ken and Sue soaking up the sun.

Ken and Sue soaking up the sun.

Ken with the pirate skull.

Someone had decorated the area before us.

Firewood for the bonfire.

The driftwood is all set for a  bonfire.

Back to the beach for sun downers and the bonfire.

Later in the evening we returned to join other cruisers for sundowners and a bonfire.

Cruiser playing on the beach.

Cruisers playing games on the beach.

Cruisers talking and enjoying snacks.

Talking about boats, sunsets, places we have been and places yet to go to.

Sue in the sunset.

Sue's sunset picture, cruise line quality.

Ken in the sunset.

Ken's sunset picture.

Ken and one of the other cruisers.

Ken and another cruiser.

Janey feeding the bonfire.

Janey feeding the bonfire... and no, she didn't really have her hand in the fire


January 28, 2011

Sue and Edie sitting in the cockpit.

Sue and Edie are comfortable on the sail down to Staniel Cay.

We followed this motor vessel into Staniel Cut.

We followed this boat through the cut.

Narrow entrance to channel.

Looks like a narrow channel; it was.

Club Thunderball

Club Thunderball, named for Thunderball Grotto. The grotto was featured in the James Bond movie "Thunderball".

Rich and Ken checking the anchor.

Rich and Ken checking the anchor.

Beautiful homes on the island.

Homes with a view on Staniel Cay.

Other boats in the anchorage.

Other boats in the anchorage

Pretty palm tree.

The road heading into town.

Information board on roadside.

Rich likes reading the notice boards.

The airport.

The airport where Ken and Sue picked up their tickets and confirmed their flight.

Welcome sign.

Conch is the favorite thing to decorate with.

Sitting in front of Isles general store.

Resting in the shade at the Isles General Store pavilion.

Tiled floor in pavillion.

Rich really liked the tiled floor and if we ever get a house with an outdoor patio plans to make a floor just like this one.

Postal tub.

Wonder how postal property ended up here? (I hope that this isn't a representation of the state of the Postal System!)

Pink Pearl grocery store.

The Pink Pearl grocery store.

Rich and Ken sitting in front of the dinghy beach.

Rich and Ken at the dinghy beach.

Cargon ship backing up behind the Goose.

After we were back at the boat this cargo ship pulled up to the dock , then as it was leaving it backed out right behind us.


January 27, 2011

On the way to Exuma Land and Sea park we stopped at Norman Cay.

Wreck of an DC-3 plane.

Rich really wanted to snorkel around this wreck of a DC-3 plane.

Rich, Ken and Sue headed to the plane.

After checking out the wreck, the guys came back and took Sue over to snorkel the wreck.

Sue jumping into the water.

Sue jumping into the water.

Rich standing on one of the wings.

Rich standing on the wing.

Rich, Ken and Sue back at the boat.

All done snorkeling and ready for lunch. (It was really neat!!!)

Sue steering the boat.

Sue gets to steer as we pull anchor and head for Warderick Wells Cay.

Rich and Ken on deck as we approach the cut for Warderick Wells.

Ken and Rich on deck as we approach the cut to Warderick Wells.

The buildings at the park.

Warderick Wells is a national park in the Bahamas where they have set aside a large chunk of the Exuma islands as a habitat for the sea life with in the region. The park is a great example of what the Bahamas was like 50 years ago. These are the buildings for the park system.

Boats anchored in the park.

Boats anchored off to the side of bay near the buildings.

Ken and Rich picking up the mooring.

Picking up the mooring line.

The park sign.

We went ashore for a couple hours exploring. The pictures of the park are on Picasa.

The line of moorings along the deep side of the bay.

Line of moorings on the east side of the bay. Snow Goose is at the end of the line.

Another Wharram picture to add to our collection.

This white and purple Wharram was piloted by three women.

Sailboat that Ken liked.

Ken really like the design of this boat.

Snow Goose on our mooring.

Snow Goose sitting peacefully on the mooring.

January 26, 2011

We decided to visit SW Allan's Cay by dinghy and were greeted by iguanas. these are the only cays in the Bahamas where there is an indigenous population of native iguanas.

Iguana on SW Allan's Cay beach.

 There are more island pictures on our Picasa album.

Bahamian fishing boat.

While on the cay we saw this boat pull into the bay and anchor.

Worker ferrying conch to small bay.

Two fisherman taking a load of conch shells over to the little bay.

Fisherman tossing conch into the water.

They are throwing the shells into the water.

The Papa II fishing boat.

It was the "Papa II" fishing boat from Nassau. We saw this boat anchored at Potter's Cay when we picked up Ken and Sue in Nassau.

Cruise boat approaching the anchorage.

We stopped to talk to them and found out the conch were still alive! They were storing them in the water to keep them alive until they headed back to Nassau. They had collected hundreds of conch and tied them together in groups of 5 so that they couldn't get away while sitting on the bottom in the bay. While we talking, we noticed the small cruise ship seemed to be stopped, waiting.

Passing in front of the small cruise ship.

The view under the Aqua Cat cruise ship as we passed.

Cruise ship backed up to our bow.

After we were back aboard the Goose, the Aqua Cat backed into the anchorage coming real close to our bow.

Boat of tourists going to see the iguanas.

They off loaded a group of tourists to visit the iguanas on the beach.

Cruise leaving the anchorage.

We were relieved when they pulled anchor and left the anchorage. We were wondering if we were in the spot they normally use.


Sunset over Allan's Cay.  A thunderstorm was brewing in the distance to the north. We watched the lightening as the storm approached. I was sure glad Rich had set our second anchor when the wind came.

January 25, 2011

The view leaving Rock Sound.

Leaving rock Sound with the last point of land to our starboard.

Dawson approaching in his fishing boat.

We watched as this fishing boat roared across the water. He seemed to be heading right for us and he was! It was Ken and Sue's friend Dawson from Tarpum Bay.

Talking to Dawson about his catch.

He showed us his morning catch.

Purchasing four lobster from Dawson.

We purchased the four lobsters he had just caught, talk about fresh!.

Saying goodbye to Dawson.

It was an awesome end to our visit to Rock Sound; Dawson finding us as we left. We were glad to have a chance to say goodbye.

The lobster.

These are the lobsters we bought. There are pictures of Ken cleaning them on  Picasa.

Ken and Sue on deck.

Finally out on Exuma Sound for our crossing to the Exuma Cays. A following wind and sunny skies.

Ken with a fish on the hook.

As we were leaving the banks, Ken was trying to reel in a fish, but it got away.

Approaching Allan's Cut.

Entering Allan's Cut after crossing the Exuma Sound. We had a great passage on the sound with following winds and 7 kts of speed.

Passing SW Allan's Cay

Passing SW Allan's Cay as we enter the banks.

The beach with the Iquana's.

Iguanas coming to meet us as we approached the beach; we were met by dozens of them by the time we landed the dinghy.

One of the many iguanas.

Close up of one of the iguanas. There are more iguana pictures and pictures of the ruin on the Leaf Cay on our Picasa Albums.

Sunset over Allan's Cay.

Sunset over Allan Cay

January 24, 2011

For our last day in Rock Sound, we asked Cyril to take us to the beach on the Atlantic side of the island. The pictures of the beach are in our Picasa Web Album. Eleuthra Atlantic Beach

Coconut palms on the road to the beach.

The road to the beach has stands of coconut palms along the way. Sue and I wanted some coconuts, so we stopped.

Sue with a coconut Ken picked up.

Sue and the first coconut Ken picked up from the ground.

Ken knocking a coconut down from the tree.

Here Ken nearly got conked on the head by the falling coconut as he knocked it from the tree.

Ken with the coconut.

Ken the coconut man and the stick he used to knock it off the tree.

Cyril on top of his car.

Cyril decided it would be better to climb on the back of his vehicle to reach the coconuts.

Cyril harvesting green coconuts.

Cyril using his machete to cut the coconuts off the tree.

Sue drinking coconut water.

Sue drinking the fresh coconut water.

Sue with green coconut.

The water ran all over her, but it was good.

Cyril husking green coconut with his machete.

Cyril showed us how to husk a coconut with his machete.

Cyril and Anna with husked coconut.

Cyril husked several coconuts for us. Cyril was a warm hearted friend during our stay at Rock sound and a real ambassador for the Bahamas. I'll take away from here his wisdom of the island and his friendship and his warm smile. Thanks for all of the help and kindness that you showed to us. (Rich and Anna)

Tomorrow we head to the Exumas. Ken plans to use the conch he found as bait, so he needed to take out of the shell. I took it out of the freezer and he put it in salt water to thaw.

Conch shell with the claw barely showing.

The conch has pulled way back into the shell and Ken grabbed the claw and gave it a pull.

The conch part way out of the shell.

The conch pulled out easily.

Conch all the way out of the shell.

At the end Ken gave a couple of tugs to the conch and he feel the suction give way. The conch was out without putting a hole in the shell. Yahoo!!! Ken cleaned it and cut it up as bait.

January 22, 2011

Ken and Sue having coffee in the cockpit.

Ken and Sue were up early having coffee in the cockpit.

Anna as we dinghy to the airport dock.

Rich just had to take a look at the sunken boat.

Rich and Ken pulling the dinghy out at the airport dock.

We decided to pull the dinghy out of the water to prevent damage at low tide.

Rich, Ken and I carrying the dinghy to the trees.

It took three of us to carry the dinghy over to the trees to secure it.

The Rock Sound International Airport

The Rock Sound International Airport where we waited for Cyril.

One of the signs in Tarpum Bay.


Driving through the streets in Tarpum Bay.

One of the streets in Tarpum Bay.

Priscilla's house.

Here at Pricilla's, we order two loaves of bread and a pineapple pie to pick up later in the day.

Plaque on the Castle we visited.

We were told a British artist built this castle, which slowly decaying.

The castle in Tarpum Bay.

Lunch at 4 Points

We decided to have lunch at 4 Points. The food was real good.

After lunch we visited the ocean hole.

This ocean hole is in town.

Anna and Ken at the ocean hole.


Reef fish in ocean hole.

Reef fish in ocean hole. 

Other fish in the ocean hole.


Rich and Cyril at the ocean hole.

Rich and Cyril on the steps to the Ocean hole.

Overview of the ocean hole.

Overview of the ocean hole.

Plaque at the caverns.

This plaques marks where the caverns in Rock Sound are located.

The steps down to the path.

The steps to the path leading to the caverns.

Cyril, Rich, Ken and Sue on the path to the caverns.

Cyril, Rich, Ken and Sue on the path.

Ken standing next to an interesting tree on the path.

Really interesting tree on the path to the caves.

View overlooking the approach to the caverns.

View overlooking some of the caverns.

The ladder into the caverns.

Cyril and Rich holding the ladder for me.

Walking into the caves.

Rich entering the caverns.

Rich climbing one of the tree roots.

Rich climbing one of the tree roots.

Banyan tree roots.

Banyan tree roots reaching the floor of the cavern.

Looking up through one of the holes in the ceiling of the cave.

Looking up through a hole in the ceiling of the cavern.

Dawson, Ken and Sue

Ken, Dawson and Sue. Dawson remembered them from their previous visit.

Lobster we bought from Dawson for dinner.

Look at the size of this lobster! We bought it from Dawson for dinner.

Dawson, Sue, Ken and Cyril



January 21, 2011

The dock near town.

Sunrise in Hatchet Bay; the wooden dock in front of Alice Town.

Taking Edie to town for a walk.

I decided to take Edie for a walk and Ken volunteered to go along.  Good thing, because the dock was in poor condition. 

Another Wharram.

On the way out of the bay, we stopped by this unusual looking Wharram. It was built 28 years ago using one of Wharram's early designs with some modifications.

Schoonercrossing the entrance to Hatchet Bay.

As we approached the entrance of the bay, this schooner was passing by.

Clouds along the way.

The wonder of nature as we head south to Rock Sound.

Edie in her usual spot.

Edie riding in her usual spot. 

Rich grabbing the fishing pole.

FISH ON!!!!!!!

Rich reeling in his catch.

Rich reeling in his catch, he says it's a BIG one.

The catch.

There it least 3 feet long.

Rich unhooking the fish.

Well, maybe not 3 feet if we're lucky 1 foot.

Sailing into Rock Sound.

Later in the day, sailing into Rock Sound.

4 Points Bar and Retaurant

We anchored off 4 Points Bar and Restaurant.

Sign in front of restaurant.

Rich, Ken and Sue went in to contact Cyril, who Ken and Sue had met in Rock Sound on a previous visit.

Rich, Ken and Cyril

Rich, Cyril and Ken at the ocean hole in the city of Rock Sound.

Rich and his beer.

Rich trying a local beer called Kalik.

Cyril, Sue and Ken

Cyril, Sue and Ken

Sunset over Rock Sound

A fiery sunset over Rock Sound.

January 20, 2011

Full moon setting over Meeks Patch.

 We motored over to Meek's Patch Island for the night. The next morning the full moon setting over the island and...

Sunrise behind Saliander.

The sun rising over Saliander.

The coast of Eleuthra just before Hatchet Bay.

After leaving Meek's Patch we motored south going through Current Cut and along the Eleuthra coast. There were silo ruins along the coast from old beef and dairy farms.

Ken watching for coral heads.

Ken watching for coral heads.

Approaching the entrance to Hatchet Bay.

Approaching the entrance to Hatchet Bay.

The entrance to Hatchet Bay.

You can't see the entrance until you are almost on it.

Entering Hatchet Bay

Entering the channel cut through the island

Ken showing how narrow the entrance is.

The entrance is very narrow, but fairly deep.

Hatchet Bay

Hatchet Bay

The entrance from inside the bay.

The entrance to Hatchet bay from inside the bay.

The Front Porch Bar and Restaurant

The Front Porch Bar and Restaurant

Frannie and Bill

Frannie and Bill, a couple we met at the Front Porch. They are traveling the world in the warmer climes.

The cargo ship heading out of the bay.

This is the inter-island freighter. Rich did a write-up about it on his Blog.

The boats moored near the government dock.

These boats were moored near the Government dock.


January 19, 2011

Fog in Spanish Wells.

Fog early in the morning. Many of the island residents told us that they had NEVER seen a fog like this in Spanish Wells.

Kathy's Bakery

We stopped at Kathy's bakery and bought some of her great bread.

Shandell's lunch booth.

On the way back we walked by Shandell's lunch stand. She says that she sets up every day and has conch fritters, sandwiches and salads for sale.

The local museum.

The local museum.

The beach at Spanish Wells.

One of many beautiful beaches.

Ken and Sue walking on esposed sand at low tide.

Ken and Sue walking on a spit of sand at low tide.

The end of the road beach side,

Rich and Ken at the end of the road, literally.

Palm trees on the beach.

A beautiful view. This gives a good idea of what the islands actually look like once away from the towns.

Ken husking a coconut.

Ken husking coconuts on the beach.

The BoHengy docking.

The BoHengy, the fast ferry from Nassau coming into dock.

Fish under the docks.

There were a lot of fish under the docks.

Rich adjusting his dive belt.

Rich, getting ready to go snorkeling with Ken.

Ken ready to jump in the water.

Ken getting ready to jump in.

Rich and Ken swimming off to explore the reefs.

The two mighty lobster hunters swimming off to explore the reefs.

Rich and Sue on the dingy.

Later in the day we went looking for conch on the "flats" at low tide. Rich and Sue walking the dinghy along the flats looking for conch.

Ken walking the flats looking for mature conch.

Ken walking the flats looking for conch.

Supply boat coming in.

While out walking the flats, it looked like a cargo ship was bearing down on the Goose.

Supply ship passing the Goose.

The Goose looks positively tiny next to the ship.

Close up of the supply ship.

Close up view of the Cape Express bringing supplies to Spanish Wells.

Ken with the conch he found.

Ken with the mature conch he found and it's a beauty. The rest of us only found juveniles, which left to mature.

The conch in the freezer.

The conch in the freezer. Hopefully we will be able to remove the conch without putting a hole in the shell.

Gorgeous full moon.

At the end of the day we had a beautiful full moon over Eleuthra Island.


January 18, 2011

We took some time to explore Royal Island this morning.

The Ken, Sue, Rich and I in the dinghy.

We stopped by the catamaran Simplicity on the way to the island. Dave was kind enough to snap a picture of the four of us.

Rich in front of the boat house.

This "garage" was built into the side of the island and used to store boats in (I think) for there is the remains of a boat ramp that runs up to it from the water.

The path to the beach.

Behind the ruins of the resort was the remains of a concrete path to the beaches on the north side of the island.

Melanie Beach Sign

Do we go to Melanie Beach or

Turtle Beach Sign

Turtle Beach? We chose Turtle Beach. 

Rich standing on the ruins of an old jetty.

Rich is standing on the ruins of an old jetty. 

Broken conch shell.

In the cracks of the jetty were lots of broken conch shells. Some looked fairly recent and all were too young to catch, it's a shame that they didn't leave them to grow larger. 

The lonely mangrove.

Gusty little mangrove on it's own. The start of a mangrove covered island.

Rich and Ken on the break water.

Rich and Ken on the jetty looking at a small island that appeared to have a cave.

Ken husking the coconut he found.

Ken found this coconut that still had water in it. He shucked it on the beach.

Island in the distance with a cave.

This is the nice man made cove and the island in the distance is the one with the cave.

Beautiful blue water.

The color of the water is so beautiful.

Development sign.

We walked back up the path and down what appeared to be an old road. These signs detailed the plans for Royal Island. At each sign is the layout of about 1/2 acre lots that were for sale. The island is going to get a new large resort and multi million dollar homes sometime in the future.

Development sign.

Another lot ready to be sold.

We visited the ruins of a resort that was destroyed by Hurricane Andrew in 1992.

Sue at the sink.

Sue using the local sink....

THe sink.

which made a nice planter.

Ken and Sue in the hall.

Our friends in the hallway of the ruins.

Rich and Ken in one of the rooms.

Rich and Ken in one of the rooms.

The veranda of the resort ruins.

The veranda of the resort. It seems like it would have been a nice place to stay.

The western entrance to the channel at Spanish Wells

We're heading into the western end of Spanish Wells channel; we went for a stroll around the town.

Shallow area in the channel.

A fishing pen just off the channel.

Part of the local fishing fleet.

Spanish Wells is known for it's local fishing fleet.

The gas dock.

The Texaco Star. (notice the people sitting in the shade under the dock).

Buildings along the channel.

Buildings along the channel.

The moorings on the east side of the channel.

There were only about 8 moorings in the harbor and all but 2 were filled.


January 17, 2011

It's the Captain's birthday, but no rest for the wicked.

Cocquina heading out of the anchorage in front of us.

John and Mindy got an earlier start and headed out of the anchorage in front of us.

Sue on the deck before we head out to the ocean.

Sue on deck as we motored to the turn point heading out into the Northwest Channel. We sailed from Rose Island to Royal Island.

Work boat anchored off shore.

We sailed past this big ship. It was anchored and the only thing that we could figure it did was to lay cable.

The water rushing by the boat.

It was a strong close reach across to Royal Island. The old Goose had her rail down and running about 6.5+ kts the whole 30 mile distance.

The heel (tilt) of the boat.

We sailed at a 25 degree heal and there was a LOT of water flying everywhere.

Wave rushing down the side of the boat.

It didn't seem to bother Sue too much though.

The Captain and crewing resting along the way.

Nor did it bother the Captain.

January 16, 2011

It's Sunday and  we sailed from Nassau to Rose Island.

Sue and Anna get their hair braided.

Before we left, the girls had just gotten back from the showers and Ken French braided their hair...What a great guy!

Gorgeous homes on Paradise Island.

These homes are on Paradise Island, which is just across the channel from Nassau on New Providence Island.

Sandy Toes

The resident business  Sandy Toes on Rose Island.

John and Mindy on Cocquina.

This John and Mindy on Cocquina. They invited us for sundowners at their boat.

Mindy preparing to blow the conch horn.

There is a tradition in the Caribbean of blowing a conch horn at sundown. Mindy is getting ready to blow her conch horn.

Ken blowing the conch horn.

Ken is trying to blow the conch horn... we got a great laugh out of his attempt.

Rich blowing the conch horn.

Rich taking a turn blowing the conch horn.

Sunset at Rose Island.


Mindy showing us the conk she and John caught.

Mindy showed us the conch she and John had found while snorkeling in the anchorage. 

January 15, 2011

The Pirate boat leaving the anchorage.

The pirate boat as it leaves the Rose Island anchorage. 

Boats leaving Nassau heading south.

A couple of the sailboats heading south.

More boats leaving Nassau.

Looks like these guys are racing to get away from the big city.

Boats on the horizon heading to the Exumas.

You can barely make out the 10 sailboats in the distance leaving Nassau for the Exumas. 

I wonder if the pigeon is finding anything good.

Looking in all the wrong places for food????

An outdoor vendor making conch salad.

Outside vendor making conch salad.

Traffic in downtown Nassau.

Busy main street in downtown Nassau.

Our friends Ken and Sue arrived at Snow Goose while we were out walking. Edie was sure glad to see them and so are we.

Rich and Ken on the bridge in front of Paradise Island.

Rich and Ken on the bridge to Paradise Island.

Us in front of part of the Alantis complex.

Our friend Sue took this picture in front of the Atlantis Marina. 

Art sculpture in the Alantis casino.

This is an interesting sculpture inside the Atlantis Casino.

Really sculpture in the Alantis complex.

The artwork in the complex is awesome.

Ken and Sue on Poseidon throne.

Our friends Ken and Sue on Poseidon's throne. 

Rich and I on Poseidon's throne.

Rich and I on Poseidon's throne. I feel like Lily Tomlin's Edith Ann; anyone remember her?

P.S. Our friend Ken won $3.25 playing the penny slots at the casino with a 2o cent investment.

January 14, 2011

Sailing out of the anchorage at Royal Island.

Leaving the anchorage at Royal Island.

The boats we left behind.

We're leaving Saliander and Catalia behind.

The captain getting a much needed rest.

Rich taking a much needed rest.

Passing through Rose Island Rocks.

Making the run through the cut at the Rose Island Rocks.

Rich excited as we pass the rocks.

The Captain is really happy we're right on course yet again. 

Surf hitting the rocks on the starboard side.

Waves splashing on the rocks near Rose Island.

Cut into Rose Island.

This is a cut into a little pond on Rose Island. Looks like it is intended to a small community with docks for private vessels. 

Party boat in the anchorage.

This party boat was anchored at Rose Island until dusk. The music was loud and the people on board were noisy. They were having a great time.

Tall ship coming up to Rose Island.

A tall ship coming up to Rose Island for the night.

Busy anchorage.

Busy anchorage. The excursion boat was anchored at Sandy Toes Bar on Rose Island. The tall ship was anchored in the distance.


Sunset at Rose Island.

Sunset at Rose Island.

January 13, 2011

Saliander and Catalia coming through Little Harbor Pass.

We were the first boat up and out the pass at Little Harbor. Saliander and Catalia follow behind us.

Anna and Edie on the sail.

Edie and I enjoying the ride which is surprisingly smooth. The winds are steady 13-17 kts with gust up to 20kts. The waves and swell are reasonable. Overall a very nice downwind ride.

Saliander and Catalia sailing behind us on the ocean.

Saliander and Catalia are still with us.

Boat we thought might be sinking.

We notice this little sailboat converging on our path; it looked like it was in danger of being swamped.

Boat on up on a wave.

Then it rose up on a wave and looked fine.

Rich enjoying the sail.

The Captain is as happy as can be with Snow Goose and our fine downwind sail.

Sailing through the cut at Egg key.

We entering the cut between Egg Island and Little Egg Island right in the center.

January 12, 2011

Well, the Goose made it to Little Harbor in preparation for going off shore tomorrow and we anchored behind Bridges Cay to get out of the north wind. We had a great time tonight visiting with the couples from the other boats anchored near by.  There were Peter and Raewyn from New Zeeland on Saliander, Eric and Isabella from France on Catalia and Ken and Janine from the states on a Valiant. If I have any of the names incorrect, forgive me. The food was good, especially the guacamole Raewyn brought, but the conversation was better. There would have been pictures, but we were too busy talking and forgot to take them. Saliander, Catalia and Snow Goose will head toward Egg Island bright and early. 

January 8, 2011

The dock at Treasure Cay.

Finally, it took three tries to get the Snow Goose docked. The wind was strong and blowing us off the dock. 

Rich filling the water tanks.

Treasure Cay Marina is one of the best places around to fill your water tanks. They charge a flat fee and will even allow boaters to rinse off their boats.

The marina office.

This is the marina office and gift store. The showers are in the back of the building. For $10 dollars a night a boat anchor out can use all of the marina facilities. A really great deal for cruisers. 

The marina bar and swimming pool.

This is the outside bar and swimming pool. The marina also maintains a  nice beach on the Sea of Abaco which is just across the street from the main facility. It was a great place to visit and a very secure harbor during high winds.

January 7, 2011

We stumbled across this cafe while on a walk around the island.

La Florance

Before we left Treasure Cay we had to go back to La Florance.

The baker.

Florance the baker. 

The cinnamon rolls.

As you can see, it early and the rolls are over half gone.

Our cinnamon rolls.

Oops, I forgot to take a picture before we started eating our roll. They are the best rolls in the islands.

January 5, 2011

We left Manjack Cay and headed to Treasure Cay to wait out the bad weather which is coming. To get there, we had to go out into the ocean around Whale Cay.

Sailboats ahead of us in the Whale passage. 

It was a busy day at the Whale passage. At one point we counted nine boats in the Whale passage area. 

Working boat coming in the passage.

This work boat was coming in as we were leaving the Whale; towing five little boats behind him. We had a great sail along Whale Cay and even put out a fishing line hoping to catch some dinner. After the Whale, we visited Spoil Cay for a bit of shelling. And now, the rest of the story.

Rich in the dinghy preparing to dive.

When Rich went to let the dinghy down; he realized our fishing line was caught in the prop, so he's preparing to dive.

Handing Rich the knife to cut the fishing line.

Handing Rich a knife to cut away the line.

Rich with the line he removed from our prop.

Half an hour later, the prop is cleared

The mess still attached to the fishing rod.

The rest of the mess attached to the rod. Afterwards we made a quick trip to the island and I picked up a few shells. As we rounded the tip of the island, we saw a shark right next to the beach in the shallows. Then I remembered Linda from Sojourner had told me not to swim around Spoil Cay, because there was a resident shark. Uh-oh, good thing that Rich didn't know that.

January 4, 2011

Beach Walk

Sign to the beach.

Cute little sign to lead the way.

Our choice of beaches.

The paths splits with two choices, we went to the ocean side.

The path through the forest.

The shaded trail through the forest made the walk cooler. 

Beautiful ocean view from beach on Manjack.

The view of the ocean and the reefs was beautiful.

A comfortable seat.

I took a rest on this log, just watching the waves roll in and listening to sound of the ocean. So very peaceful, today.

January 2, 2011

Rich and I decided to go exploring in the dinghy. We puttered around the bay next to White Sound looking at wrecked boats and wildlife. The water is so clear you can see straight through to the bottom. There are many creatures on the bottom and this one caught my eye as we passed.

Starfish on the bottom.

The starfish stood out with it's brilliant color.

Starfish dripping goo.

Rich gently lifted it with our paddle for a closer view.

A beautiful specimen.

The starfish is absolutely beautiful in it's perfect shape and it orange-red coloring.

The underside of the starfish.

Even the bottom of the starfish is interesting with it's intricate design. There are several of these starfish on the bottom  of White Sound where we are anchored. We can see them clearly.

January 1, 2011


Junkanoo is the national festival of the Bahamian people. Historians believe the festival has it's roots in the African slaves brought to the Bahamas in the 1700s. The actual name Junkanoo may be a derivative of the name John Canoe who was a slave trader on the West African Coast. Whatever the origin of the festival; it always encompassed costumes and music and food.

People waiting for the parade.

People waiting for the parade.

The first float in the parade.

This float is carried by several people.

Children in the parade.

The Junkanoo at Green Turtle Cay is a family one with children in costume and marching along the adults. 

Another elaborate costume.

This decorative canoe was interesting. 

Another elaborate costume.

Cowbells are one of the traditional instruments played in a Junkanoo as the early slaves had easy access to them.

Another elaborate costume.

These elaborate costumes were made from crepe paper and feathers in brilliant colors. African slaves would use paper, feathers, sponges or anything they had to decorate their clothes for the festival.

Horn player in the parade. 

There were several horn players in the parade. Traditionally conch horns were used in the early festivals.


The beat of the parade was kept by the drummers. In the early festivals the drums played were African goatskin drums.



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