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February 27, 2011

We will be unable to update the website for at least six weeks, but Rich will still be blogging, when he can.

February 22, 2011

Hello all, This is Will, Rich's son-in-law, I have just been informed that Anna's and Rich's computer is water logged. So until this problem can be resolved they will be unable to update their site. Sorry.

February 15, 2011

A beautiful sunrise.

I was up early to watch a beautiful sunrise and listen to Chris Parker's weather forecast on our SSB radio. Chris is a weather forecaster that gives weather routing information over the SSB and also weather reports for the Bahamas area.

Anna in front of the bougainvillea bushes.

It's been four days since I've off the boat, between the weather and my current bout of vertigo, so we are off to explore. The bougainvillea bushes are in full bloom and absolutely gorgeous.

Rich and Edie at the bottom of the trail.

We walked to the Atlantic side of the island and down to the beach.

Looking south on the beach.

We had to climb over the rocks to get to the beach.

Waves washing over the rocks.

You can see the coral heads where the wave is breaking next to the beach.

Rich and Edie taking a break.

Rich and Edie taking a break while I look for shells, sea beans and sea glass.

Low tide in the lagoon.

It was low tide in the lagoon as we headed back across the island.

Private little bay.

This boat has it's own little private bay.

Nurse shark.

Back at the docks of the Yacht Club there were nurse sharks swimming around.

A group of nurse sharks.

The local fisherman were cleaning fish and tossing the scraps into the water. Not a good time to go swimming!

February 14, 2011

Rich sitting at our table set for Valentine dinner.

Rich opening the sparkling apple cider for our Valentine's dinner. The Captain was a little nervous about the candle.... Who says you can't get fancy on a boat?

February 10, 2011

It was time to clean the conch!

The conch.

Peter from the boat Saliander has given us some conch, which I promptly froze. Now it was time to thaw and clean the conch.

The conch removed from it's shell.

The conch came out of the shell fairly easily, but sure looked awful and .... Rich told me I had to clean it. So I did.

Anna cleaning the conch.

I trimmed all of the "bad" stuff off and then I "cracked" the conch to tenderize it. (beat it with a meat mallet)

Conch fritters and sweet potato fries.

Even Rich had to admit the conch fritters and sweet potato fries were pretty good eating.

February 7, 2011

We decided to spend the day walking around Black Point Settlement.

Agnes weaving fronds.

We stopped to talk to Agnes as she was weaving fronds. She sells the rolls of frond thatch to Nassau and they make baskets and hand bags out of it for their straw market. In her yard is the frame of a Bahamian "C" class sailing sloop her husband Von has been working on. She told us he was an excellent boat builder and sailor and had won many trophies.

Trophies inside their home.

She took us inside to show us his trophies. This is just one of several trophy displays in their house!

The men looking at the frame of the boat.

As the guys inspected the boat frame, the gals talked to Agnes about her garden.

Pigeon pea bush.

This is a pigeon pea bush. Pigeon peas and rice are a staple in the Bahamian diet.

Soapadilla tree.


Von and Agnes

Agnes and her husband Von in front of another sloop, he is working on.

Barbara and Gary on the Alantic side beach.

Later in the day walked over to the Atlantic side of the island to wander the beaches with Barbara and Gary. (look close and you can see them)

Rich and I resting.

The heat began to get to me, so Rich and I headed back. We stopped here for lunch and rested a bit.

Boat in the harbor at Black Point.

The small motor boats anchored near shore belong to the locals contrasted with the cruising boats in the background.


February 6, 2011

Superbowl party at Lorraine's cafe in Blackpoint.

We decided to go the superbowl party at Lorraine's Cafe in Blackpoint. They served a buffet dinner and the drinks were happy hour prices.

Rich talking to Barbara.

Rich talking to Barbara from sailboat, Palaola. We had a good time.

February 3-5, 2011

The bar restaurant on Little Farmer's Cay.

After we arrived at Little Farmer's we walked into town. Ocean Cabin sponsors the First Friday in February Festival at Little Farmers (5F celebration).

Sign posted at Ocean Cabin.

We tried to figure out the hours for Ocean Cabin but gave up.

Cleaning conch on the pier.

Out at the end of the dock they were cleaning conch. These were the empty shells from a morning of conch cleaning.

The conch graveyard.

This hill is about 6 feet deep of conch shells, thousands and thousands of shells spilling out into the bay.

Getting ready for the festival.

People setting up stands to sell things to the cruisers. About 50 boats arrived in the farmers cay area for the festival.

Chidren watching manta rays.

Out on the pier, the local kids were watching rays swimming by and daring each other to touch them...Kids are the same everywhere.

Closer view of the manta rays.

Mother and baby.

Wild cotton growing on the island.

There was a lot of native cotton growing by the roadsides.

Festival Day

Cargo ship arriving at Little Farmer's cay.

The mail boat arrived with a pickup full of music equipment and one of the "C: class race boats aboard. (There are several pictures of the races on Rich's Blog).

Race boat off loaded from cargo ship.

The boat has been craned off.

Closer look at the racing boat.

I should have made some bets since they won many of the races over the next two days.

Picking up a load in the cargo hold.

Looking down into the hole of the ship.

Bringing in stock from the cargo hold.

One important pallet of goods!

Airstrip on the island.

The local air strip, not a good place to anchor.

The yacht club gazebo setting up for the races.

Next to the airstrip was this gazebo where they ran the sailboat races and also had a big all day long party going for 2 days.

People at the festival.

In town cruisers gathered at the Ocean cabin restaurant/bar.

Rich competing in the men's best leg contest.

There was a "best legs" contest for the guys...I lost.

Eating conch fritters.

In consolation, Anna bought conch fritters for us.

Floyd making conch salad.

Floyd, (a fisherman) was busy making conch salad.

The conch salad.

We bought a bowl. very tasty...but spicy too!

February 2, 2011

We heard that Blackpoint had a nice laundermat, so we stopped to check it out. The facility was so nice we decided to do our laundry there.

The laundermat at Blackpoint.

The laundermat is in a nice building and is open daily except for Sunday.

The inside of the laundermat.

The inside is clean and the machines are newer.

A strange boat we passed in the anchorage.

This strange looking boat was anchored nearby.



















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