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August 16-17, 2011


The Coffe shop in Ocracoke.

The only coffee shop in Ocracoke and it sure was busy. We stood in line for 15 minutes to get our tea and sweet. Then I beat Rich in a game of Scrabble.

The Preservation Society Museum.

This museum provided information on Ocracoke when it was a fishing town.

the kitchen

Rich is checking out the refrigerator.

The bedroom in the museum.

The beautiful quilt on the bed is being raffled off. Rich bought me the winning ticket! (I hope)

An early crib.

The crib had regular window screening for the sides and a flip over top to completely seal in the baby away from mosquitoes.

August 13-15/ 2011

Great Bridge to Ocracoke

Snowgoose tied to the sea wall at Great Bridge.

Snow Goose tied to the sea wall in Great Bridge, NC. The city provides a free seawall to tie to.

Marker at new park being built on the water front.

They were in the process of building a new park by the waterway and they had just finished putting up a monument to the battle of Great Bridge. 

Close up of the monument.

Kind of neat, over 230 years later they are putting up a monument to the battle. 

The sun through the smoke from the Dismal Swamp fire.

The smoke from the Dismal Swamp fire filled the air and obscured the sun giving it the reddish glow.

A cooler full of blue crab.

There several men were fishing and crabbing in the river. They had a lot of blue crabs and some of them were trying to get away.

A Coast Guard plane that kept flying over the goose in Albermarle Sound.

A Coast Guard C-130 keep circling us as we crossed the Albemarle sound 

Dophin in Albemarle Sound.

We had about a dozen dolphins all around the boat. 

Light house on the outer banks.

Oregon inlet light. 

Pelican rookery.

Pelican Island or it should have been named that for there were hundreds of them on the island

Shrimp boat on Pamilico Sound.

On the Pamlico, we were surrounded by shrimp boats.

Ferry boat headed in to Ocracoke.

One of the ferries that serve Ocracoke Island. 


August 10-12, 2011

Hi-lights traveling down the Atlantic Coast

We spent two days and two nights sailing down the coast. It was an excellent trip.

Leaving Sheepshead Bay

Leaving Sheepshead Bay early in the morning headed south.

Edie settling in for the trip.

Edie settling in for the trip.

Sunset over New Jersey on Wednesday night.

Sunset over New Jersey Wednesday night.

New Jersey lights.

Atlantic City lights.

The tanker Maersk Harmony anchored outside Delaware Bay.

To my surprise you can look up ocean going vessels online. I read about Harmony online as we sailed down the coast.

Another interesting sunset on Thursday night.

Sunset on Thursday.

Moonrise on Thursday highlighted by the sun.

The full moon was up before the sunset.

The moon over the Chesapeake Bridge.

Approaching the opening to the Chesapeake Bay in the early hours of Friday morning as the moon set over the bay bridge.

A beauriful red sunrise.

Sunrise over the ocean as we motored into the Chesapeake Bay. We watched as a rain storm passed just to the south of us across Norfolk.

Another Maersk boat leaving the Chesapeake.

This is another Maersk vessel; this time it is a container ship painted the same as the tanker Harmony. Notice the faint rainbow in front of the ship.

Rich watching a parade of Navy ship leaving Elizabeth Rivver.

As we turned into the Elizabeth River, a line of old wooden navy ships came by us.

Old wooden navy ship.

Here's a close up of one of them.

July 31 - August 9, 2011

New York, New York

We arrived late Saturday afternoon. On Sunday we visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art. In the few hours we were there, we only saw a small fraction of the museum. The rest will have to wait until next time. 

Stained glass window at the Met.

A beautiful stained glass window by Louis Tiffany.

Beautiful stained glass fountain.

A stained glass fountain designed by Louis Tiffany.

The temple of Dendur.

The Temple of Dendur from Egypt.

Gate to the Temple of Dendur.

Rich and his sister Brenda admiring the gate to the temple.

Tile decoration in one of the subways.

Tiles decorating one of the subways.

Windows in the Grand Central Terminal.

Grand Central Terminal... What a joint!

Main entrance to the Grand Central Terminal.

Outside the main entrance of the terminal.

Close up view of the clock and sculpture.

Close up of the statue on top of the entrance; the clock was created by... you guessed it Louis Tiffany.

Anna and Mickey Mouse.

I'm a little chagrined, as I stepped up to Mickey for a picture, he held up his hand with a note that stated "I work for tips". I wonder if the real "Mickey" knows this guy?

The main public library in New York.

The NY Main Public Library. The exhibit on the main was very interesting and information, but no photography is allowed.

The original Winnie the Pooh toys that inspired A.L. Milne.

In the children's book area is a display of the original stuffed animals that the Winnie-the-Pooh stories were based upon.

The plague giving the information on the toys.

the info

View of Coney Island from the Q train.

We took the Q train to Coney Island and here's a shot from the train.

A family building a sand castle on the beach.

They had a sand castle contest that day.

The original Nathans.

And of course, we had to have a Nathan's hotdog. I have to say it was great!

Rich and I waiting for the movie to start.

Watching a movie in Prospect Park with Brenda, Tom and the kids.

Poster of the movie "Metropolis".

The featured movie was Metropolis; a black and white movie with a live band accompanying it. The movie was interesting and the music by the Alloy Orchestra was great. This copy of the movie was discovered in 2008 in Buenos Aires; it includes 25 additional minutes and is just four minutes shorter than the lost original that premiered in 1927; its reconstruction is among the most significant restoration projects in cinema history.

Artwork on the walls of the metro station near the Museum of Natural History.

Some of the subway stations had "tile" artwork on the walls.

A example of the rover used on Mars.

At the Natural History museum, they have a replica of the Mars rover. Cool!

A crowded subway at rush hour.

A typical subway ride at rush hour. NOT COOL!

Our nephews enjoying the sail.

We took Tom and Brenda and the kids out for a day sail. Everyone had a great time.









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