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April 21, 2011

Main street bridge at night.

Now this is one great looking bridge,,,(I know, seen one bridge seen em all).

Hooters at night.

We docked (for free) in down town Jacksonville right in front of Hooters, needless to say the "seenery" was GREAT!

Singers on the stage.

On Thur, Friday and Sat night they have groups come in to play on the stage that was just behind the boat. By 11:00 at night they were really cranked up and it was too noisy to sleep so on the 3rd day we moved the boat down the dock to get a quieter spot to sleep. 

Little in the fountain.

They had a fountain that the kids would run through and this little one was having the time of her life.

Women dancing in front of the stage.

Once the main group got cranked up the drunk chicks came out and shook their boobies (per Rich).

April 21, 2011

Mobile parking lot.

We aren't really sure what this is. It looks like a floating parking lot.

Tug boats.

Pilot boats off to the side of the river.

Sailboat Artemis

S/V Artemis waiting with us for the Main Street Bridge to lift.

April 20, 2011

Lighthouse next to Salt Run.

We anchored just off from the light house in Saint Augustine before we completed the trip up to Jacksonville.

Rich preparing to dive on the prop.

On the way out of the anchorage the next morning I did a little diving to clean off the propeller.

Rich going under the water.

Anna always takes the best shots of me.

Rich floating next to the boat.

The water wasn't as clear as I'd hoped it would be.

Scraping the hull.

Hard at work.

Fishing boat south of St. John's Inlet.

Went by lots of fishermen and the fish were biting!

Large boat traffic coming out of the inlet.

Just some of the large shipping traffic coming out of the inlet.

Shrimp boat coming out of the inlet.

The flow of the St. Johns river caused a distinct wave in the ocean and a color line where the dark river water met the clear Atlantic.

Navy ships.

Just up the river is a large naval installation

Naval helicopter flying overhead.

Oh, and we had helicopters flying over us almost all of the time.

April 19, 2011

Coming in at St. Augustine.

Traffic in the St. Augustine inlet.

There was a lot of traffic in the St. Augustine inlet. Boats everywhere. the boat being towed is the "target" boat that the US Coast Guard uses for gun practice.

Roseate Spoonbill

We'd stayed the night in Salt Run. A Roseate Spoonbill flew in to feed in the mud. At first, we thought that it was a flamingo because of it's pink feathers. This is the first one I've seen and I wished we were closer.

Ken, who keeps his boat at Salt Run.

Ken came over to greet us, his boat was on the mooring nearby. He has a great attitude about life, take it one day at a time and do things that you enjoy, and by his smile, he's a living example of this philosophy.

Here are some shots heading out the Ponce de Leon inlet at 7 am this morning.

Lighthouse at Ponce de Leon inlet.

The morning was hazy and we could see the lighthouse beacon easily.

Someone walking the beach in the early morning.

Someone walking the beach...

Early morning sun over the ocean.

What beautiful sunrise.

The outer light at the end of the breakwater.

A fairly calm sea.

April 18, 2011  

Barge working at Haulover Canal.

We left Titusville this morning and found this barge working in the Haulover Canal. At first it appeared we would not be able to pass, but there was enough room. They are rebuilding the retaining wall on the side of the canal near the bridge.

Edie sitting on deck.

Edie loves to sit on the deck, when we are motoring on the ICW.

Someone harvesting oysters.

We passed this person harvesting oysters at low tide on the ICW.

April 16, 2011

We're in Titusville anchored outside of the marina. We rode our bikes into town hoping to spend a couple of hours at the local used book store, but it was hit by a car and was closed to our disappointment. So we settled for berry cobbler at Kloibers Cobbler Eatery. 

April 14, 2011

Larry standing on deck of his boat.

The owner of this ferro-cement boat came out on deck as we motored through the mooring field looking for a spot to anchor. He definitely was sending out SAA (Society of the Already Anchored) vibes. "Don't anchor by me" he seemed to be saying. He has painted a brick facade on side of his boat. At first glance it looks like the boat is built of brick... an interesting look.


Varnish, varnish, it never ends.  Up the mast yet again to keep the nasty UV rays at bay.

Rich varnishing the mast.

April 12, 2011

Rich has been working on boat projects as we travel along. This is one of his latest.

The connector from the dodger to the bimini.

He installed a connector from the dodger to the bimini. It keeps the rain out and it protects us from the sun. It will also be part of the eventual screen room that we're sewing up against the terrible bugs in Georgia and S. Carolina.

View of the connector from the other side.

He did a great job and it looks nice.

The afghan I knitted for Angie.

I've also been busy (for the last 2+ years) and have finished my long term project. I knitted this lap afghan for Angie.

The cable pattern on the afghan.

This the first time I have knitted a cable pattern and it turned out real nice.

April 10, 2011

Rich and I decided to walk to a park near by.

Hedge along the street.

This hedge was full of fragrant flowers and their sweet essence filled the air.

Drummers circle in the partk.

We watched the drummer's circle for while. The beat of their music made me want to dance. 

April 09, 2011

Power boat caught on anchor line.

Rich and I were getting ready to watch a movie when we heard a motor coming into the anchorage. It was late in the day, so Rich went up find out what was going on. As he watched the motor vessel on the left got himself caught on the anchor line of the small boat to the right. The Captain managed to snag the boat's anchor line and run over a crab pot. Needless to say the motor vessel wasn't going any where quickly.

Owner getting ready to dive.

The Captain of the small boat happened to have a hookah for diving. He loaned it to the Captain of the motor vessel, so that he could try to free up the anchor fouled in his propeller. 

Captain in the water trying to free up the anchor.

Everyone is waiting for the Captain to surface.

Task completed.

Mission accomplished, the anchor rope was freed and the motor vessel was able to leave, as for us, well there is nothing we enjoy more than free entertainment!

April 6, 2011

We've been anchored in Peck Lake the past couple of days. Today a number of motor boats came into the anchorage loaded with people and began to raft up. It looked like they were going to have one big party. Then the house boat arrived.

Diner on a houseboat.

The house boat was a bar and grill! What a fun way to have a party... bring the restaurant with you.

April 3, 2011

We're back to the states, the computer set up is nearly completed, our phones and internet service have been restored; we're almost back to normal. We arrived in Ft. Lauderdale around 7 am on Wednesday morning and we're anchored in Lake Sylvia. There's nothing but million dollar + houses and yachts surrounding us. Rich has been doing maintenance on the boat and I have been working on the computer. We left the boat for the first time yesterday.  Let's see - five days on the boat without setting foot on shore, a new record for us. Rich had to repair the dinghy, yet again, then engine maintenance and battery maintenance, etc. etc...(it's endless) were among the items on his list.

Southport Raw Bar

Yesterday we were more than ready for shore leave, so we dinghied to this bar/restaurant and headed into town. 

Rich securing the dinghy.

After we secured the dinghy we walked to Radio Shack, Office Depot, Batteries etc, Dollar Tree, Ace Hardware, and Publix. Ah yes, we also included stops at West Marine and Sailorman. By the time we returned to Southport, we were ready for lunch. 

Pilot boat.

On the way back to the Goose we passed this pilot boat. It is larger than others we've seen. It looks almost like a small military vessel. Ft. Lauderdale is a major port for cruise ships and also a large shipping terminal, so the harbor pilots are keep busy.

Wooden power boat.

This power boat passed us, it sure is pretty and unique.

Party boats in the anchorage.

When we got back to Lake Sylvia, we were met with this sight. At least nine powerboats rafted together for one large party. There sure was a lot of bare flesh floating around! The boats left around dusk and the anchorage was quiet once more.

March 25, 2011

Our son-in-law Will is publishing this to the website, thanks Will. We have a new computer, but as yet are unable to publish to the website. Rich is able to blog, so he will be updating the blog as we move along, when we have internet connection.

Rich reeling in the line.

Rich keeps trying to catch a fish. He faithfully puts up the rod and reel, when we are out on the ocean.

Reel bendng from the fighting fish.

A fish got on the line and it was putting up a really good fight, so good that eventually the line broke. We lost yet another lure.

March 19, 2011

YEA! we have a new computer and in a day or so (when we can figure out how to move our programs over to this one) we will be back on line.

March 9, 2011

Well, we have a computer coming down to us and so,,, in a few weeks we might be back on line and showing you all of the great weather and activities that are going on down here in George Town. Check beck in a couple of weeks!








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