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May 31, 2010

Leaving the town dock in Oriental before seven. Good thing we bought our cinnamon rolls at "The Bean" yesterday.

Malea belongs to our new friend Victoria, who has sailed all over the South Pacific.

May 30, 2010

Snow Goose tied to the town dock in Oriental NC

Nice deli with good food.

Bama is the owner of the Village Food Emporium and she sure can cook.

May 28, 2010

After swimming upstream all day we finally arrived Dudley's Marina in Swansboro about 4 p.m. With use of their c0urtesy car we were able to do our laundry, grocery shop, visit Walgreens, Advanced Auto and grab some Chinese for dinner in less than two hours. Very successful for an overnight stop.

A lovely sunset; a great finish to the day. We will posting a new web album with pictures from along the Carolina coast.

May 27, 2010

What a beautiful morning after yesterday evening's rain.

We passed this guy as we motored through the channel to leave. He's headed toward the inlet.

Through the bridge and off to Swansboro.

May 25, 2010

We were amazed by the number of shrimpers we saw along the ICW that work the Atlantic Coast.

The view of the Atlantic Ocean through Masonboro Inlet. We took a short cut to the anchorage, by motoring down the inlet to a channel that runs next to the shoreline. 

May 24, 2010

We came across an unusual bridge today, it didn't lift up or pivot in the middle, it floated out of your way! The "bridge" was built on a floating barge and it pivoted to the side to open. This is the strangest bridge that we have come across on this whole trip.

The little connector foot bridge that you can see is the "pivot" that the floating roadway swings open on.

Here is the operator of the bridge, he rides it open and shut each time.

The old pontoon bridge is going to be replaced soon by a new "high rise" bridge that you can see being built in the background. Another part of history being replaced.

May 22, 2010

We spent today walking around Georgetown; a very quaint town. This old clock tower and the building behind it was the old city hall.

Now, it's the Rice Museum which has a nice history of the rice plantations that were once pivotal to the local economy. 

On the 3rd floor of the museum, they had the remains of (it's believed) one the first cargo ships that were built in the area back in the late 1600's. It was found on the bottom in the early 1970's and moved to the museum in the late 1980's.

The boat was put to gather with wooden pegs that held the planks to the ribs.

Here's a model of how they think that the boat looked in it's day.

May 21, 2010

The difference a day makes; this morning the Charleston Harbor was as quiet as can be. It made me wonder if I had imagined yesterday evening's turmoil.

Yesterday evening we watched as this boat hobby horsed all over the anchorage. At one point we almost collided with them. Rich reset our anchor twice in an effort to keep them from hitting us. Needless to say we pulled anchor early this morning and left the harbor... only to wait 1 and 1/2 hours for the Ben Sawyer bridge to open.

These guys though, didn't have to wait! There were 20 boats that passed us as we waited for the bridge.

Our turn at last. Onwards to Georgetown SC.

On the way we almost ran this 4 foot alligator over, he was swimming across the canal.

May 20, 2010

On the way to Charleston...

The tidal flow between Beaufort and Charleston is one of the largest. The tide drops 7-8 ft.

Look how far out these docks have to run to stay in the water at low tide.

Some of the interesting things that we saw on the Intercoastal today.

Nice looking pushers.

They were working on this one, I'm not sure how they got it back here so far from the ocean. Were about 20 miles from the ocean.

Here is a pusher that has been hauled up on land (using the marine railway) to be worked on.

These kids were out learning to sail in waves and wind that were making me sea sick on the Goose even though we were at anchor.

May 19, 2010

On the road again, we followed this cat through the swing bridge in Beaufort. Both of our boats had to wait over an hour for the bridge to open. It only opens on the hour and (of course) does not open at noon, which is when we had planned to leave.

We went into Beaufort for a walk around main street.

Although we didn't take the carriage ride; we thought they were cute and the horses were nice.

One of the guides watering her horse.

Another one of the horses.

View of Beaufort from the Lady's Island Bridge. Rich walked over two miles to the closest hardware store to purchase a piece of metal to fix the wisker pole. By the time he returned to town it was to late to walk to the antebellum mansions. Tomorrow we explore again and we will post our pictures on  Picasa.

May 16 - 17, 2010

The lighthouse at the Ponce de Leon Inlet as we headed out in to the ocean for the run to St. Augustine.

Good bye New Smyrna

Captain Rich cranking the main sail up.

Sunrise this morning; somewhere along the way yesterday, we decided to sail to Beauford, South Carolina. This morning's sunrise was welcome after dark cool night.

As we sometime do; we performed a rescue mission today.

The Captain with our treasure, our civic duty completed. We saved some unsuspecting sea creature from a horrible death by balloon.... Sea turtles try to eat balloons mistaking them for jelly fish and they die with the balloon in inside of them.

Channel markers showing the way to the Port Royal Inlet.

Striking clouds in the sky over the Beaufort River as we make our way up river the historic town of Beaufort South Carolina... tomorrow we explore!

May 15, 2010

A short trip today, just to Rockhouse Creek near Ponce de Leon Inlet. Rich needed to clean the bottom of the boat. We had heard the water here would be clear. Not so!

All ready for another go at the bottom.

Into the drink he goes.

Can you believe it, a ice-cream truck on the water and he didn't even stop.

May 14, 2010

Launch day of the Space Shuttle Atlantis started with crowds of people along the shoreline.

Here is our view of the launch site over 9 miles away. The launch pad is in the red box.

I climbed up the mast and sat on the spreaders to get a better view and took this picture through the lens of the binoculars.

2 seconds in...

3 seconds in...

WOW!!! The flame is almost 5 times longer than the shuttle.

What a fantastic sight...Well worth the 25 years that I have been waiting to see it.

May 12, 2010

This morning when Rich lowered the dinghy and stepped aboard; he found a surprise waiting for him. 

After researching the web; I determined our intruder was a corn snake. Not venomous, thankfully. How it ever got out to the boat and then climbed up a slick rudder is a good question. Rich thinks that it might have been inside of the boat!

This guy was bigger than he appeared coiled between the rudder and the transom about 1  1/2 feet long.

Rich tossed him a good ways from our boat... Probably the only time in his life that got to fly!

May 10, 2010

Titusville - we're finally here. Only four more days until launch of the shuttle; we hope.

A new high rise bridge is being built to replace the swing bridge.

Another view.

another view.

May 9, 2010

Mother's Day in Cocoa Florida

Parking the dinghy; just 10 minutes to make the bus.

Taking the bus to the beach; air conditioning works great.

Shepard Park, one three public access points to Cocoa Beach.

The rules.

The Captain enjoying the sun, while I look for shells and frolic in the water.

Lifeguard actually on duty; no too common now days.

Busy beach.

May 8, 2010

Yesterday, we arrived at Cocoa, Florida and tied up at the town dock. When we got back to the Goose, we realized that she was tapping the ground, so we left and anchored in the river with the rest of the boats.

We visited the Travis Hardware Store. They have everything you can think of including a least a dozen employees, just waiting to assist.

Nice looking barrels.

A little pricey, but quality barrels.

May 5, 2010

Today we took a trip up the dark and foreboding Eau Gallie river.

This the entrance to the mighty Eau Gallie River. If we survive our passage by the pirate fleet guarding the mighty river's mouth who knows what wonders may dazzle our eyes...

After fighting our way past the pirates we find ourselves on the lower stretches of the Eau Gallie River. Here we find the remains of other unfortunate souls that have tried but failed in the quest to find the mythical headwaters of the mighty Eau Gallie River. 

As you can see the local natives have left strange hieroglyphics from an unknown past painted,,, possibly in human blood,,,, for our wonderment and for further study if we survive this most treacherous trek up the dangerous Eau Gallie River. 

Ah, we have finally made it to the middle stretch of the rampaging Eau Gallie River where we have come upon a quaint village nestled into the banks of this great river.

I think that this must be the remains of a great battlement that protected the inhabitants of the north side of the river from the marauding wild savages upon the south bank...we passed this area at an idle so as to not draw attention to ourselves. When upon the awesome Eau Gallie River one can't be too careful.

Near the head waters of the foaming Eau Gallie River we came upon the remnants of a once mighty tree. As you can see instead of leaves it now carries the souls of the poor unfortunate who have tried, but failed to survive this dangerous adventure into the dark heart of the Eau Gallie River basin.

Praise be to all that is good in the world!! We found the fabled headwater dam of the tremendous Eau Gallie River. I know that I can now die happy and content. (someone has been reading too many novels lately) 

May 4, 2010

Today was a hot day (upper 80's) and this blue heron landed on the beach in front of us. He was so hot that he was panting! Look close and you can see his tongue sticking out as he strutted along the beach in the sun.

 May 3, 2010

We parked the dinghy under the bridge and walked to West Marine.

The Captain didn't eat enough lunch! Hey!, Geckos are delicious,,,they just need a little hot sauce.

Just kidding, neat looking Gecko

May 2, 2010

After arriving at Indian River lagoon, we went for a dinghy ride with Edie, these two dogs ran down the dock and jumped head long into the water and began to chase us. Once they got to shore, Anna wanted to go back and do it again so that she could get a picture of them, fangs bared, leaping towards our dinghy....I declined.

We caught up with Melodeon yet again last night at Vero Beach municipal marina. We met Christina and Frank; who built Melodeon. We would have like to see here sails up, they are Chinese junk sails made from sunbrella scraps and look interesting.

Good bye Vero Beach.

We passed this sculling boat; notice some are along for the ride.

May 1, 2010

Through our travels we have seen some interesting and beautiful boats.

Isn't this one great! We plan to create a Picasa album of the boats we've seen - look for it in a few days.






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