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September 30, 2010

What a finish to the month. We are sitting out the storm inside of Snow Goose in the slings.

I t is raining so hard; I can hardly see the other boats in in the yard.

The view from the front window in the dodger.

I tried to get a picture of the rain.

The wind has picked-up, look at the trees.

Another view through the dodger side window.

September 28, 2010

In the past couple of days Rich has resealed the main water tank, replaced one of the hoses on the black water tank - nasty job and replaced part of our rigging lines.  He has been real busy.

This is John, the owner of Rascal. He's from England and he has been getting his boat ready to sail home back to England.

John cleaned up and on his boat, Rascal.

September 26, 2010

The water here at the end of the peninsula is full of iron and sulphur. So every day I visit the Fire Station, which has a water well available for the public.

The pump is easy to access.

The cost of the water is very reasonable.

The donation box.

Can you believe the first time we got water, we didn't realize this was the box for donations. 

September 25, 2010

It is always something. Rich realized that his 14 year old repair of the rudder failed; the wood was separating.

It's grim, we have to remove the rudder to do the repair.

Rich rigged a pulley and we were able to remove and lower the rudder for repair.

Temporary work horses, better than the ground, but a little shaky.

Close up of the separation.

Looks complicated.

The repair. Rich has put  in five screws and filled and covered the gap with fiberglass and epoxy. We're waiting for it to cure.

All sanded and prepped for painting.

Painted and reinstalled, looks as good as new.

I visited the local Farmer's Market. It is located at the Deltaville Maritime Museum.

First view.

This vendor assured me this was his good side. He's a nurseryman.

A fellow quilter! She had several lovely quilts displayed.

Close up of her crazy quilt.

There was only booth selling produce - Farmer's Market???? Look at the tomatoes on the right; they were a strange colour. In the end I purchased the ones on the right.

September 24, 2010

Painting the bottom; looks handsome in his Tyvek suit.

OOPS! I forgot and ran water into the sink. At least the boot stripe was dry!

Oh, what he would give to have his knee pads.

September 23, 2010

New look for the Goose, a red boot stripe!

September 22, 2010

Rich hard at work scraping the bottom of the Goose.

He should have brought his knee pads from the barn, bet it would have been easier than squatting.

At the end of day; isn't he a sight!

September 21, 2010

Rich is installing the new davits he designed and made while in Michigan with help from our son-in-law Jim.

He had to adjust the angle of the davits slightly, for a good fit.

A view of the installed davits from the cockpit.

A side view of the davits from the ground. Nice...

September 19, 2010

Today's the day. We're heading back to Snow Goose in Virginia. I'm glad that Rich can pack.

I don't see how Edie is going to fit. I offered to hold her on my lap, but Rich has assured me she will have enough room.

She's in place, but as you can see, she doesn't have any room to spare.

September 9, 2010

It seems that we can't get away from transportation problems. I went out to the van this morning and it wouldn't start; so here I wait to be rescued. Well summer is coming to a close and we are preparing to return to our nomadic life on Snow Goose. It will be good to get back to the boat.

Rich is finishing up a couple of side jobs and we are packing in preparation for our trip. I'm back on the website and will be posting regular updates.





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