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September 30, 2009

On the water at last, we pulled out of the  Muskegon Conservation Club approximately  9:15 p.m. We will traveling over night to Benton Harbor.

Our friend Ken helping to cast off.  He has volunteered to take the first watch.


Sail date 2009.09.28

Today we were going to start our great adventure, but  the universe interfered. Mother nature sent us  a gale on Lake Michigan; so we decided to stay in port until the wind and waves quiet down.  It looks like Wednesday evening will be the earliest we can leave. 

muskegon lighthouse
We took these  pictures around 6:30 pm at the Muskegon Breakwater.  There were surfers riding the waves despite in the rain and wind.

The road near the beach was covered in sand. Looking at the solid rows of whitecaps we knew we had made a good decision to wait.


September 20, 2009

It took seven people to take down the main mast.
Here we are getting ready to go south. It took seven people to take down the main mast.  Both masts were down and secured within two hours.

Our friend Sue cranking up the mast.
Our friend Sue cranking up the mast.

Still cranking!
Still cranking!

Main mast almost down.
Main mast almost down.

Done at last.
Done  at last, with help from our friends.


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