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October 31, 2009

Slime found on the deck of Snow Goose after the rain.
We still haven't determined the origin of the clear slime we found on our deck.   I researched on line and found an article about "Moss Animals" or Bryozoans. which may be what the jelly contained. Certain freshwater species occasionally form great jellylike colonies so huge they clog public or industrial water intakes. Yet bryozoans produce a remarkable variety of chemical compounds, some of which may find uses in medicine. One compound produced by a common marine bryozoan, the drug bryostatin 1, is currently under serious testing as an anti-cancer drug. Does anyone have another theory?

Brown's Ferry Nuclear Power Plant

We passed the Brown's Ferry Nuclear Power plant  which is located near Athens, Al on the Tennessee River.  

Environmental testing station.
All through Joe Wheeler Lake there were environmental testing stations.

October 30, 2009

Islands in the Tennessee River.  
Along this stretch of the Tennessee River there are many islands.  Most are just trees and bushes, but this one has the remains of a building; I wonder what it's story is?

Deer swimming in the Tennesse River.
We almost ran over this deer swimming in the river. Here the river has wide shallows at each side and it looked as if the deer was swimming toward an island in the middle of the river. (I hope she makes it.)

October 29, 2009

Two loopers early in the day.
There is a boating association nicknamed the "loopers". They are folks that are in the process of or have completed the "Great Loop". The Great Loop is a water route that circles the Eastern USA from the Great Lakes down to the Gulf, around Florida. then up the east coast and back to the Great lakes again. The association  just had it's fall reunion at Joe Wheeler State Park and these are some of the 25 boats that have passed us going down bound as we are going up the Tenn. River.

Another looper motor boat.
Another Looper.

Sandpiper, another looper
Sandpiper, another looper

The last looper of the day.
This was the last looper we passed for the day, before we turned into Little Bear Creek for the night.

October 28, 2009

Danger sign on the floating docks at Pickwick Marina.
Would tie your boat to this floating dock?

Slips at Pickwick Marina with bushes growing around the wood.
You can see the bushes growing around the wood for each slip.

Tiniest sailboat at Pickwick Marina.
This may be the tiniest sailboat I've ever seen.

In another life this would be our dream home (Anna) and our dream boat (Rich).
Our new home and new boat?? in another life??  I love the look of the house, but I would hate to clean it! Rich and I both think the Nordic Tug would be ideal for our old age.

Rich and I on deck while going up in the Pickwick Lock.
Rich and I on deck while going up in the Pickwick Lock.  It took 8 tries to get this picture.

October 27, 2009

Captain Adele and Poga visiting us for dinner.

This afternoon, in the rain, Captain Adele pulled her 22' Westerly into the channel at Diamond Island behind us.  We had passed her Monday on the river and while we sat out the rain she continued up river and caught us, so we invited her to dinner.  The conversation was interesting and she shared that she was retired as licensed captain for up to 200 ton ships.  She had previously been the Captain on the Windy in Chicago.  It turns out, Rich had actually met her before at the South Haven boat show this last summer. (Ken, do you remember that old wooden sail boat that they were working was hers!) 

Pogo, Captain Adele's dog is a Portuguese Water dog.
Pogo, Captain Adele's dog is a Portuguese water dog.  He's very friendly.

Pogo has pretty chocolate brown eyes and the softest fur.
He has the pretty chocolate brown eyes and the softest fur.

October 26, 2009

A large beautiful yacht - my next Christmas present?
This gorgeous yacht passed us early in the day.  I told Rich, it would make a good Christmas gift for me. It was a quiet day on the river, beautiful sunshine and warm.  Rich varnished the mast and various areas on the boat.  I cleaned, cooked and knitted. 

A fellow traveler.

We passed this little sailboat and spoke to the Captain.  She said she was heading to Florida and had started in Chicago.

October 25, 2009

Another beautiful home.
Another beautiful home.

We really like the one built llike a lighthouse.
Lots of beautiful houses along this stretch of the river. We really liked the one built like a lighthouse. (They must have an elevator in it!)

Cottage sized homes along the Tennessee River
These homes looked like cottages on the edge of the river.  Look at the stilts, this area must still flood.

Covered motor homes.
We saw several sites including an entire trailer park that were covered with metal shelters.

New homes under construction
New homes under construction. The bottom of the house has cement block all the way around.  I would think they would be subject to flooding as close as they are to the river.

October 24, 2009

Snow Goose anchored near Nathan Bedford State Park.

We anchored in front of the public ramp preparing to walk up to the eastern part of Nathan Bedford State Park and the old Johnsonville town site. 

Nathan Bedford State Park
Interesting signs about the park. We never did find any of the town though, it turns out that the town is under the Tenn. River!

Nathan Bedford State Park 2
"Rich,,, I don't want to hike any farther"

Nathan Bedford State Park 3
the second half of the sign.

Edie and seed pod
Does anyone know what kind of fruit/seed pod this is?

Marina at Cuba Landing
Cuba Landing marina.

Narrow channel at Cuba's Landing
There is a very narrow channel leading into Blue Creek.  As we rounded the turn, a fishing boat crossed right in front of us.  We had to put Snow Goose into reverse to avoid ramming his boat. How rude!!!!

October 22, 2009

Snow Goose anchored off Ledbetter Creek
We pulled into this inlet off of Ledbetter Creek last night to stay and decided to stay another second night.

Salvaged anchor
While pulling up our anchor in the morning to leave, Rich found this little anchor stuck on our anchor. I wondered  if it could be salvaged to use on our dinghy; Rich told me to go for it. (not what I envisioned)

Fall Colors
Fall is chasing us south.  Every day the colors change.

October 21, 2009

In the morning we walked up to the Visitor Center for the Barkley Lock. There were a couple of interesting displays and a short video about the flood of 1937.  Two whole towns were destroyed.  We walked down the stairs to walk along the river; there were several fishing boats out. We walked along the river to just before the locks.

Rich's idea of fun.
Rich decided to climb up these rocks instead going back the way we came, when returning to the dinghy.  He carried Edie and I had to climb.

Rich rowing back to Snowgoose.
There was a slight problem on our return trip to the boat.  Once we were out on the water the motor quit on the dinghy.  We were out of gas!!!!  Of course, the Captain had to row.

Snow Goose through the leaves.
A view of Snow Goosed from the shore while walking Edie.

Snow Goose anchored in Double Creek Cove
Snow Goose anchored at Double Creek in the morning sunlight.

October 20, 2009

Green Turtle Bay Marina and Resort
In the morning, we stopped at Green Turtle Bay Marina.  It was a wonderful marina and the staff was very friendly and helpful.  

Green Turtle Bay Marina and Resort
They allowed us to tie up in a slip and use their laundry facilities. We stayed for a couple of hours then left to motor over to Barkley Lake.  After anchoring in Double Creek Cover, we motored over to a floating dock and were allowed to tie up while we went into the town of Grand Rivers.  In fact one of the staff gave a ride to town in a golf cart.  Then we walked back.

Patti's Settlement Restaurant
We had dinner at Patti's Settlement restaurant in Grand Rivers.  

October 19, 2009

Snow Goose anchored in Turpin Pond
Tonight we anchored in Turpin Pond, a lovely little bay surrounded by fall colors.  After dinner we motored around the bay and there were little silver fish jumping out of the water.  It turns out the area is a  designated "fish attraction" area which means that crappie spawn there.  When we attempted to pull up to the eastern shoreline, we noticed a swarm of mosquitoes. They were huge! They would have eaten us alive. We quickly left and found a spot on the south shore, where the trees were further from the water and the beach was rocky. After letting Edie off for a few minutes we headed back to the boat.

Green buoy blocking barge exit from lock.
Today we made it up the Tennessee River to the Kentucky Dam and Lock, only to be told by the Lock master that they had a buoy problem.... The problem was they had a green buoy stuck in front of  the barges! They couldn't let the barges leave with the buoy in front of them. Eventually, the Lock master called and asked if we could come and move the buoy. We had a rather exciting afternoon of it; motoring up to the front of the barges and tyeing to the runaway buoy.

Towing buoy away from lock.
Then we towed it down the river for a 1/2 mile to a beach.

Towing buoy to shore with the dinghy.
I lowered the dingy and towed the  buoy in to shore.....

Pulling the green buoy ashore by hand.
Next I dragged it up onto the beach, so it couldn't get out into the traffic lanes again.

Securing the greenbuoy on shore.
As it turned out there was about 40 feet of steel cable hooked onto the bottom of the buoy and so I pulled it up through the mud and tied it off to a tree.

Mission accomplished.

Mission accomplished! The best part of this story is the lock master held the lock open for us until I had lassoed the runaway buoy and we were able to get back to the lock. We motored right into the lock and enjoyed the ride up to the Kentucky Lake.

October 18, 2009

Ingram Barge
Ingram Barge on the Ohio River.

Green buoy marking the start of Lock 53.
With the river flooded, Lock and Dam 53 were under water also. Green buoy marking the start of Lock 53.

Turbulence over Dam 53 as we motored over the dam.
Turbulence over Dam 53 as we motored over the dam.  It is really strange when you are motoring over a dam, you keep expecting the water to shallow or perhaps to hit something, but the water is so high even the barges motor right over the submerged dam.

Welcome sign at Paducah.
Sign welcoming us to Paducah along the shoreline, although there was no place to tie up or to anchor.

October 17, 2009

Fort Massac
This was our first view of Ft Massac when we arrived Wednesday evening.  We were invited by Jay and Paige to stay and visit the 36th Annual Fort Massac Re-enactment Encampment.  We were impressed by the dedication of the people who were already setting up their quarters so, we decided to stay.  It was a good decision.  The reenactment encampment (say that 3 times fast) was fascinating to see and be part of. It's unexpected things like this that make a trip down the river so satisfying. There are so many pictures of the encampment that we have an entire Picasa album dedicated to the event.

Jay and Paige
Jay and Paige.  We met them the first day that we were at Metropolis and they insisted we should stay for the weekend to watch the battle and enjoy the festivities.

Young reenactor.
Young reenactor.  We have many more pictures on our Picasa album, which can be viewed by clicking on photos.

October 15, 2009

The Big John Food Market
Big John's is where we replenished our food stores.

Superman watches over Metropolis!

October 14, 2009

Snow Goose anchored at Cache River Channel
The Snowgoose anchored at Cache River Diversion Channel.

Last bridge on Mississippi
This is the last bridge on the Mississippi just before the Ohio..... yeah!!!!   It is really misty, foggy and cold.

Captain Rich at breakfast.
Captain Rich at breakfast.

This is where the Ohio river meets the Mississippi river.
This is where the Ohio river meets the Mississippi river.

This is a view of the first bridge on the Ohio river after making the turn.
This is a view of the first bridge on the Ohio river after making the turn.

The is the new lock and dam being built to replace Lock and Dam 52 and 53.
This is the construction of the new lock and dam replacing Locks and Dams 52 and 53.

This Lock and Dam 52.
This is Lock and Dam 52.  The water is so high all you can see of the dam is the little piece of concrete sticking out of the water. We motored right over the dam.

Edie keeping a look out.
Edie keeping a look out in the fog.

October  13, 2009

Edie asleep upside down.
Can you believe the position she is sleeping in?  I don't see how she could be comfortable.  More often than not, we get up in the morning and find she has climbed up on whatever clothes of ours she can find. This morning is chilly and rain is expected later in the day.  The NOAA forecast states today will be the warmest day all week......  

A great looking bridge on the Mississippi.
A great looking bridge on the Mississippi.

Snowgoose anchored at Little Diversion Channel
Snowgoose anchored at Little Diversion Channel

Bridge over Little Diversion Channel
Bridge in Little Diversion Channel

Anna learning to drive the dinghy and start the dinghy engine.
Anna is finally learning how to start the dinghy engine and drive the inflatable dinghy.  Now she can take Edie to shore-yeah!!!!

October 12, 2009

It was a short night last night.  Edie started barking softly about 3 a.m. and then we heard THUMP!!  The power boat Gone and Done It had dragged anchor and floated right into our transom.  Our mast was banging on the side of their boat. Rich knocked on their boat to wake them up.  We finally go them pushed away and they started hauling up their anchor to move.  Yet again the floated right into us.  Once they were pushed off and they had re anchored their boat, we had to pull our anchor and reset it.

Kaskaskia Lock and Dam
Kaskaskia Lock and Dam  There were five boats that had either tied-up or anchored by this lock and dam.  We were the last ones to leave in the morning...

October 11, 2009

We almost didn't stop at Hoppies after looking at their set-up.  I'm glad we did; otherwise we wouldn't have met Zane and we wouldn't have eaten at the Blue Owl.

Hoppies Marina on the Mississippi.
Hoppies marina on the Mississippi. 

The Famous Blue Owl Restaurant.
We walked into the town of Kimmswick; to eat at the Blue Owl. The food was as good as we were told and the Pecan Pie was to die for. The town is filled with little tourist shops. Fran at Hoppies informed me that Hoppies was actually located in the village of Windsor Harbor instead of the town of Kimmswick. Who would have known?

Zane Squires and Pickles
While at Hoppies we a traveler named Zane Squires and his dog Pickles. Zane is quite a different type of person. He always had a smile on his bushy face despite the fact that he has been traveling and living out of a canoe! 

In May he left Montana,,,Yes, Montana and started down the Missouri river headed for Baton Rough La. Now, as incredible as this sounds,  this is actually his 6th trip down the Mississippi in a canoe! 

He's one interesting character who's full of stories. I would have liked to have spent more time with him.

October 10, 2009

I've been lax keeping up the website for a couple of days, running around Alton doing laundry, buying groceries and site-seeing. We, regrettably lost our crew at Alton, Ken had to go back to  work. As it turned out, the cheapest and fastest way home was not a plane, train or bus but to rent a car and drive it up there and back!  Rich took Ken home, picked up a couple items and drove straight back. Today started with a heavy fog on the river, so we decided to wait until it cleared to leave the marina.  We headed out on the Mississippi and found that it was full of debris from the heavy rains.  We dodged logs and floating log jams all day.  The Snow Goose set a new speed record - 10.5 knots over ground (due to the current of the Mississippi).  We pulled into Hoppies for the night.

Clark Street Bridge in Alton IL as the fog burns off.
Clark Street Bridge as the fog burns off. This is one of the more unique bridges that we have run under this trip. At night it is lighted and is a real treat to see.

This is one of the many logs that we dodged in the river.
This is just one many logs we dodged in the Mississippi River. The river was over 40 feet deep at this point. Due to the last few days of  heavy rain the river rose over 15 feet!

The flow of water around this buoy gives some idea of the river's current.
The flow of the water around the buoy gives some idea of the river's current.

St Louis Arch
We were running at 9.6 kts over the ground when we shot this picture of the St. Louis Arch and Anna wanted to stop and anchor.....I suggested otherwise.

Pollution in the river.
There was a lot of pollution in the water along the St. Louis riverfront. It looked like clumps of foam.


October 7, 2009

Tied up to an abandoned barge near Daymark 61.

We tied up along side this abandoned barge that had been filled in.  It provided a secure spot for the night well out of the way of barges.  We really appreciated the good spot this morning, when Rich checked the oil and discovered we needed to make some engine repairs.

The guys hard at work reparing the engine.
The guys hard at work repairing the engine. What an adventure to start the day!


October 6, 2009

The day started out with miserable rain, which cleared in the afternoon.  A very uneventful day with little traffic. The Captain says this stretch of the river was boring.  We traveled 58 miles today; the Mississippi River is within striking range about 61 miles away.

Train lift bridge at dusk.
This train lift bridge was behind the area where we tied off for the night.


La Grange Lock
Entering the La Grange lock; the last one on the Illinois River.


October 5, 2009

We traveled  about 58 miles today.  After the fog burned off ; the weather was nice.  There was more traffic on the river today and the highlight of the day was when we passed the paddle boat Spirit of Peoria.  Our planned spot for the night didn't work out - too shallow.  We ended up motoring into the dark with Ken using the spot light to guide.  When he shined the light on the buoys the reflective tape made it look as though they were lighted.  We anchored in an area off to the side at Havana.  No one remembered to take pictures.  We used a back anchor to keep us out of the main channel and the small marina next to us was closed for dredging.

Ken guiding us at dusk.
Ken guiding us at dusk.  It was well after dark before we were able to find a secure spot to anchor. 


Spirit of Peoria           Spirit of Peoria - beautiful paddle boat that we passed.

 Traffic jam
Traffic jam on the river.  The two pushers on the left have pulled aside to allow the Martha Mack room to pass.  We had just passed the Martha after leaving the lock.

Early morning in Chilliclothe.
Early morning in Chillicothe. Last night we tied up to a small floating city dock for the night.

Fog on the water
Fog on the river.  Although we were up early, we couldn't leave due to the dense fog on the river. We headed out about 8:30.

October 4, 2009

We traveled 47 miles today - a definite improvement over yesterday. The wild life along the way is really great.  We've seen one eight point buck approximately 15 feet from the side of the boat. Unfortunately we did not have a camera ready. Yesterday, two eagles were flying around some trees on the shore. We took pictures, but our lens was not strong enough for really good pictures.

This couple called to us as we passed their boat.  Their engine had lost compression; so they tossed us a rope and we towed them back to Lacon city boat launch.

 Hennepin floating dock.
We stopped in Hennepin, tied up to the small floating dock hoping to buy some milk at the Food Pride market that we could see from river.  Unfortunately the store closed at noon and we were a little late.

Some of the traffice along the river.
Some of the traffic along the river.

More river traffic.
More river traffic!

Here we are at Starved Rock Lock.
Here we are at Starved Rock Lock.

Edie's morning ride.
Edie's morning ride.  Rich tried the new oars for the dinghy and they worked fairly well.  In this area  we were unable to use the dinghy motor to reach shore due the fallen logs and debris in the water.

Snow Goose at anchor near Buffalo Rock State Park
Rich took this picture of the Goose at anchor near Buffalo Rock State Park.  We anchored in a quiet waterway between an island and the shore where  it was too shallow for barges.


October 3, 20009

We traveled 32 miles today, after a late start and waiting at the locks for our turn. We had some awesome pictures of a couple of the locks, which I accidently deleted.  The good news is that we have many more locks to take pictures of.  The excitement for today was  running over a buoy (no damage, thankfully) and getting stuck while looking for a place to anchor.  Captain Rich was able to wiggle Snow Goose free and we  quickly left that area.  (Captain Rich says"  I only touched the buoy !")

This is the McKinney one of the tugs that we traveled through a lock with. We met up with her again late in the day
The McKinney, we traveled through one of locks with this tug and then met up with it again in the evening.

October 2, 2009

The trip last night from about Calumet to Chicago was nasty. The wind picked up and the waves began to build. About an hour out of Chicago a wave swept over the doghouse, showering Rich and I.  Once again the ropes and supports holding the masts began to loosen as we rolled side to side. We arrived in Chicago about 1:00 CST.  When we got to Chicago, Monroe Harbor was a roiling mess so we pulled in behind Navy Pier and tied off in a narrow waterway that was well protected. Unfortunately, it was a restricted area; so the Chicago Police paid us a visit.  Eventually, they allowed us to stay until daylight  so we could secure the masts, but they made a thorough report. They came on board, looked around, ran a check on our driver's license, looked at all the boat documents and asked for our social security numbers.  They also advised us to leave before the Coast Guard came to visit.  Believe me, Rich had us up at daylight and we locked into the Chicago river .

Locking in
Here we are locking into the Chicago River .

On our way
Entering the Chicago River, we are  truly on our way. Looking forward to many  adventures ahead.

Under Bridges2
Our friend Ken as we traveled under the  many lift bridges throughout downtown Chicago.

Water taxi on the Chicago River.
One of the many water taxis we passed on the river. Looks like a neat way to travel in the city.

October 1, 2009

About 2 a.m. the wind came up and the waves were 2-3 feet. Without the masts to steady her, Snow Goose rolled side to side.  The middle support for the mast gave way and the back support began to loosen up.  We pulled into  Saugatuck, and anchored.  Rich and Ken made the necessary repairs.  To make matters worse, we all had varying degrees of seasickness. We arrived in Benton Harbor at  noon today after much delay.  After  going to Wolf's Marine store for some parts and then left Benton Harbor heading for Michigan City.  The waves and wind quieted down.

Swing bridge at Benton Harbor
The swing bridge in Benton Harbor locking us in the river just as we were preparing to leave.


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